#40IsLikeWHOA: My New BFF Jillian Michaels

It’s true. I turned 40 three weeks ago and I’ve went crazy. I can’t describe it if you’ve never been there but it’s the opposite of what I’ve always heard as a “mid-life crisis.” I had one of those when I turned 30 (true story). What I feel now is a sense of fearlessness, a sense of “IDontReallyCareWhatYouThinkAboutMe”ness, a sense of going after “it,” whatever “it” is, a real desire to clear my circle of people, places and things that no longer serve me and a drive to take care of my body, mind and spirit like never before.

40 is like whhhhhoooooooaaaaaaaaa!!!! And I’m loving every minute of it. So I’ve decided to use Fridays to celebrate women in their 40’s who are doing it BIG: and I don’t mean “money” wise or “fame” wise or “perfect figure” wise. I mean living a life they love wise, staying healthy and OWNING these 40’s. Age is just a number.

  So, I know that all sounds like garbage when I tell you the first person I have chosen to highlight is the one and only Jillian Michaels. But let me explain. If you only know the Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser,” then we are NOT talking about the same woman.

I was NOT a Jillian fan. It would be safe to say that every time she opened her mouth, I, literally, cringed. I wanted to choke her through the television. When I heard she was going to be our featured speaker at Blog Fest last year, I was less than amused. I didn’t sign up for her workout session and I wasn’t going anywhere to stand in line to take a picture with her.

Jillian Michaels IDEA

Jillian started talking and let me tell you, ten minutes later, the two of us could have been workout partners and then hanging out for yoga and tequila. She touched me. She touched me so deeply that I stood up and apologized to her for judging her. So many people in the room agreed. Here she was, a mom, a trainer and a woman, doing her best at a job she loved, working hard to provide for her family, take care of herself and help others knowing what challenges and adversity  she had faces. She was passionate. She was authentic. She was me.

Fast forward. 2015.

  For the first two weekends after I turned 40, I worked out LIVE with Jillian Michaels (thanks to her AMAZING crew!) once in Atlanta at the SCW Mania and once in Los Angeles at the IDEA World Convention. I even got to meet her in Atlanta (no, I didn’t ask for a picture. I, honestly, just wanted to respect her space. She was exhausted and had a lot to do that day). It was my first time doing her BODYSHRED workout.

What did I think?

I think she’s a lunatic. 🙂

So the class is “only” 30 minutes, right?  It is 30 minutes of NON-STOP action.  You are moving and lifting and balancing and jumping all over the place.  It is really a full, complete workout.  Jillian does NOT edit herself when she is teaching and, honestly, I wasn’t offended.  If I had been doing that workout by myself there is NO TELLING WHAT I would have said.  This is me and my girl Becky after the workout.  You can believe 30 minutes is nothing if you want to……


My girl (and roommate from Blog Fest) Ivanna is doing BODYSHRED at home on DVD preparing to take the certification to become an instructor. My girl Evie took it last year and said it was TOUGH but she loved it.  I’ve been considering it but I think Jillian would have to call me herself to get me to do voluntarily sign up for those ninja burpees again.  🙂


Jillian, I LOVE YOU, MAMA!!!!!!!  You ROCK!! Thanks for making the 40’s look AMAZING!!

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