#TeamYouFit: Transformation Includes The Trainer

People don’t necessarily want my job.  They love the “idea” of it. It “sounds” good.  From the outside, I get to just show up in cute clothes, play my favorite music and exercise, lose weight and get paid for it or just show people how to “use the machines.”

Photo Apr 28, 10 34 35 AMIf I had a turntable this is where you’d hear a scratch or I’d turn the music COMPLETELY off.  This is not true.  Personal training and teaching group fitness full time (as well as traveling and training) is physically and emotionally hard.  Add turning forty, fighting early menopause from having a hysterectomy five years ago, a crazy schedule and LIFE and let me tell you, it’s JUST AS HARD for me to get my workouts in as it is for the next person.  I have to work just as hard.  I have to be just as determined.  I have to climb just as many obstacles.  When I started at YouFit some weeks ago (check out the blog post here), I was feeling like I could do it because I was doing it! And now, well…..The most important part of these past few weeks is that I have convinced myself that I can KEEP doing it….that is, making myself a priority.

Photo Apr 20, 11 19 47 AM

Just yesterday I was at YouFit on my favorite lateral elliptical trainer (I know that’s probably not what’s it’s really called but that’s what I call it and that’s what it feels like and it’s STILL my favorite :)) and I was so tired from everything I had done over the weekend (12 hours of driving, five hours of dance practice, nine hours of Piloxing, an hour of Pilates that morning and I still had to do Zumba and yoga) that my legs literally did not want to move.  I was having this conversation with myself.  You know the conversation, “Go home and take a nap.” I probably needed one.  But for the past two years, I’ve been taking more than my share of naps even though I probably needed them.  I just decided to fight through my little ten minutes of warm-up and got off.  I headed to the chest press machine (probably the machine I hate MOST in the gym). I sat there.  And sat.  And sat.  I couldn’t even push my normal weight.  I felt like it was my cue to go home.  I lowered the weight and pushed through. And then…..then…….I made a good decision.

I found the right song.Photo Apr 26, 2 56 04 PM

I won’t say what it was because, well, it isn’t for everyone but for me, it was what I needed.  Tasha Fierce came out and I hit those chest flys, rows and lats like my life depended on it.  By the time I hit the lateral elliptical thing for the final ten minutes I had an audience because I was rocking on it like I was teaching Zumba.  Boom.

The truth is I was disappointed.  I went into the gym and, against my better judgement but for the sake of the “transformation story,” I stepped on the scale.  I know.  I look different.  I FEEL different. The dance practices have changed my body.  The weight training has changed my body.  The only going to Starbucks once a week (going this morning though) has helped. That machine has changed my legs.  But I hopped my butt up there anyway.  Weight loss equals zero.


What kind of transformation is THAT?  Am I not supposed to be getting in the best shape of my life for 40?  Did I fail?

Photo Jun 01, 11 50 02 AM

True story: I am, mentally, in the best shape of my life.  My confidence has changed and not just physically.  I am finally making myself a priority.  I am not being dragged down by the guilt of what other people choose to do with their life, which is hard for a person in the helping profession.  I have had to step up and choose to not cancel on myself.  I have had to step up and say I am just as worthy of a choice as anything or anyone else.  I don’t cancel on my clients because I don’t feel like it.  I don’t cancel my classes because I’m in a bad mood.  I show up for them.  I show up for ME!

Photo May 05, 6 34 11 AM

Because of the mental changes, I do find I can go harder physically.  YouFit has such an array of cardio equipment that I can jump back and forth on in between my weights (the room is so big and open) and I always have the option to do the circuit when I’m in a rush (30 minutes hit it and quit it), use the free weights (an AMAZING area) or hit the machines (which is what I did yesterday and possibly today. Gotta go back and do legs). The staff has just the right amount of contact: not pushy but available and helpful.  I am actually thinking of keeping my membership after my complimentary membership time has expired. I enjoy it THAT much. (By the way, you can follow YouFit on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  They are super inspiring!)


My transformation isn’t complete.  And because I’m a trainer, people think it should be.  I think the opposite.  I think a good trainer will NEVER get to the point of being complacent.  I want to keep getting better and keep leading by example. Honestly, I don’t know what the best shape of my life is. It COULD have been yesterday when I was lifting weights and teaching three classes.  I know what the WORST shape of my life was and I NEVER want to be there again.

Photo May 19, 7 31 56 AM (1)

I feel pretty good for a woman who will turn 40 in a few weeks. Thanks, YouFit! I DO fit! 🙂

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Youfit.

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