Hindrances As Hype Music



It’s probably the word I say most often.

Every morning for months, I’ve gotten out of bed feeling like some part of my body was completely out of order. For the last three months, because I’ve had an increased dance and workout schedule, it’s been worse. Today, when I have a four hour drive and a performance tonight, the five injuries I’ve been dealing with in private and going to physical therapy for twice a week for months are all flaring this morning, I feel like I’ve got to make a decision.

I’m packing my clothes.

I know. Some people in my world would IMMEDIATELY tell me I need to rest. Some care about me. And so I’ve found out recently, some WANT to see me go down (yeah, shocked me too). And some people just don’t know what it means to make a CHOICE. When faced with ANY type of opposition, they just quit. I’ve run into a lot people like that lately. Glad it’s not contagious. 

I’ve been practicing and teaching and carrying on and other than my foot injury, very few people knew about the other injuries. It’s not that I pushed myself over the edge so people could call me a “beast,” but I learned to work within what I could do and not give up COMPLETELY because of what I couldn’t do. Right now, I have bruises under my arm and on my knee from doing something incorrectly in our dance routine. That doesn’t keep me from DOING the routine. It motivates me to get it right.

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