An Unplanned Rest Day

It finally happened.

The fall down. The fall apart. I felt it coming.  But we go. And go. And go. And go. And go. And go.

And now I am at home while my Monday Zumba class is going on without me, weak in the legs with a massive headache and a lack of desire for food when i haven’t had much to eat or drink in the first place.

I’m driven right now for reasons I haven’t disclosed. However, driving too fast, driving in the wrong lane, driving in the wrong direction, falling asleep while driving and/or driving while being majorly distracted can be dangerous.  I’m figuratively guilty of all of them. I’d probably be driving two cars if I could.

And that’s why I’m on the sick and shut-in list right now.

Slow down. Doing more isn’t always better.  Doing nothing can actually be more powerful. I wish I had taken initiative and planned “nothing” in my schedule instead of having it come uninvited when I have goals to reach.

My goal is to reach my 40th birthday in one piece. I know God’s intervention when I see it.

Somewhere in between “BEAST MODE” and “BURNOUT,” plan some down time. Rest is vital. Rest is necessary.

See you all tomorrow. 🙂

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2 Responses to An Unplanned Rest Day

  1. Cassandre says:

    It’s a blessing when we reach a place in life where we can take our capes a off and realize that we need a break. We’re so conditioned as women to just keep going, but we’re not good to ourselves or anyone else if we are running on low fuel. Hope you enjoyed your day of rest