Getting My Groove Back With @GnarlyNutrition!

So here’s my issue:

Photo May 05, 7 09 08 AMI don’t sleep enough and I don’t eat enough.

And that’s a problem. I’ve been burning the candle on both ends and the sides and I’m starting to feel the effects of my, well, neglect. I love the feeling of going ALL IN but I know I am doing more damage by riding the fence between not eating or sleeping at all and being dead set determined that I don’t need any help and if I can eat kale then I just won’t eat anything. That all or nothing attitude landed me right where I am now, starving and sleepy after my hour long cardio session (there was no raw kale available at the gym and I was too sleepy to remember to pack any this morning when I left the house before 5 a.m.). I was skeptical when asked to review a couple of Gnarly Nutrition products but after ONE day, I knew I had made a great decision.

Gnarly Nutrition was a company I had never heard of so I needed to do a little research.  I’m glad I did.  They are an all natural (meaning NOTHING EXTRA AND UNNECESSARY is added. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners) supplement company offering New Zealand whey protein and other supplements for athletes and general fitness.  I’m in the general fitness category but I was like “Whoa, I don’t do dairy.” Gnarly had me covered on all aspects. I’m just really into things that do what they are supposed to do without the extra.

Gnarly Pump Orange MangoI decided to try to Gnarly Pump (think pre-workout energizer) and Gnarly Vegan Feast (a meal replacement). Let me preface this by saying I used to be TOTALLY against pre-workout energizers. After a bad experience with one many years ago (I only drank half and felt like it might have been the equivalent to what a drug binge felt like and then I crashed. Hard.) I decided I wouldn’t do anymore because I wanted to know what my “natural body” could do. Well, my natural self teaches and trains a lot and sometimes I just need a little boost (no different than me being more friendly after I’ve had a latte). I tried the Gnarly Pump (which IS vegan and tastes DELICIOUS. I had the orange mango flavor and for real, I could have drank a whole gallon.  I’m not really sure that would have helped my sleeping problem though) one morning after I trained a client and headed to workout before sunrise. Gnarly Pump had no harsh stimulants in it, just some amino acids, creatine and green tea (60 mg). I don’t know what kind of green tea they use but WHOA! I felt a great (not overwhelmingly) spurt of energy that helped me not just “push” through my workout but OWN it and have enough energy to get back to the gym to train my next client AND tell my co-workers about the products (I was THAT convinced).

As I was on my way back to train my client, I had the Vegan Vanilla Gnarly Feast (No worries. I mixed it BEFORE I started driving). Talk about a gnarly vegan meal replacementsmmmooooootttthhhh mix. And if you’ve ever tried to mix a protein shake of any kind with just one of those little wire whisks then you KNOW how clunky it can be and how smooth is a real success. I felt satisfied; not full, not starving but satisfied. And THAT was an awesome feeling for someone whose hunger cues are off. Did I mention that it tasted really good because, let’s face it, some protein just aren’t and when our hearts desire pancakes, we need something that doesn’t feel like punishment (i.e. taste like dirt). 197 calories,  20 grams of protein mix, (pea, chia and cranberry), 25 super foods, 9 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar and 50% of your daily recommended intake of 12 vitamins and minerals. That’s a win.

Photo May 07, 6 24 49 PMThese two have become a staple in my bag to accompany me on my CRAZY schedule. As I approach 40, I want to live a better life and make better choices. And that includes options.

Have you tried Gnarly products before? Which are your favorites? Visit their website and use the code “hiphealthy” and get 20% off! Let me know what you try and how you like it!

And, by the way, I’ve been killing it in the gym this past week.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  However, like always, all opinions are truthful and are my own.*

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