#FlatoutLove: @FlatoutBread Takes It UP A Notch

The rumors are true.

I’m a food snob.


I know you don’t believe that but it’s something I cannot deny.  I like what I like.  I don’t like what I don’t like.  So, best believe, when I have the opportunity to talk about something I like, I’m on it.  I’m even more crazy when I love it.  And there are a few food items I love like that and most of them can be summed up in this ONE sentence:

“My name is Tasha and I am a carbaholic.”

Protein UPImagine my joy (I mean, for real, this is NOT being played up for your reading enjoyment) when I read that one of my favorite products, Flatout Bread, was coming out with a higher protein version that was STILL vegan.  I remember almost falling on the floor during the Twitter chat that night.  Flatout Bread sent me a few packs for me, my clients and family to try out and whoa!  There was a general consensus.  These are AMAZING!

ProteinUP……So amazing that I even decided to throw a party at the gym to introduce more people to this amazing product.  True story.

LoveLouise-FlatOut-8400 LoveLouise-FlatOut-8453

We set up in the lobby and along with fruit and water provided by the University Fitness Center, we had games (who can make a wrap the quickest with one hand tied behind their back, a push up contest and a sit up contest that included holding beans on a Flatout wrap since the protein in made up of BEANS!!!) and taste tasting.  We also discussed the nutritional contents of the wrap (David, the juice bar manager and my partner that day is a dietitian in training and he very much approved)  and post workout snacks with members coming through the lobby.  The truth is people want something that’s quick, tastes good without a bunch of calories. I really do believe Flatout Bread has nailed it with this one.


The new ProteinUP comes in three different varieties: Core 12 (basic staple version), the Red Pepper Hummus (my favorite) and the Sea Salt and Crushed Black Pepper (my family’s favorite). Each wrap is only 130 calories, twelve (not a typo) grams of protein and between eight to ten net carbs.  That’s a win. We have really enjoyed multiple meals around here with them. I used them mostly for my breakfast wraps.  My husband made pizza out of them one night.


With Memorial Day coming up, there is sure to be either 1)overeating or 2) excess food.  In either case, the Flatout Bread Protein UP is a good thing to have around by Tuesday.  You can make new meals out of what you have left OR you can use them to eat lighter if you’ve eaten too much over the weekend.  šŸ™‚  So, while you’re out at Publix or Wal-Mart (where these can be found), pick you up a couple of packs.  And here’s a coupon link for buy one get one free! I know.  Thank me later. šŸ™‚

Whether you are monitoring your carb intake, looking for new healthy alternatives are just looking for an easy alternative to streamline lunch and dinner, this new Flatout Bread Protein UP is the way to go.


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post but as with ALL of my posts, my opinions are truthful and of my own.


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