A Mother’s Day Message

I am definitely no June Cleaver.

I’m pretty sure I would never win a “Mother of the Year” award.

But when I say my children are the “pause and the cause” in my life, I really mean it. I cannot say how different my life would be if I didn’t stop to consider them, their future, their hearts, their lives before I ran off and joined the circus or moved to Australia (if you know me then you know both are not that far fetched).

And even in the moments (like today) when I feel like I have failed them miserably, I know that I kept getting up and trying because I wanted them to have the best shot with the least amount of obstacles….at everything.

When they hand me their cards every year I feel so unworthy. I feel so under qualified for this job. I feel so undeserving. Even though I’ve spent 364 days feeling unappreciated (true story…my son had already apologized for forgetting my birthday that is two months away) I get depressed every year on Mother’s Day thinking “I just don’t deserve this.”

And I don’t. But God gave them to me anyway. I will keep trying my best.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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