#TransformationTuesday: #TeamYouFit and The Road To 40


If you’ve been ANYWHERE on any of my social media sites then you know my 40th birthday is around the corner (literally, July 7th.  It’s coming SUPER fast!). I haven’t had a breakdown like I did when I turned 30 (let’s not even discuss that) but I feel like I’m having a breakthrough.  With sickness and death happening all around me, I KNOW it’s time to take my health and my LIFE, physically and mentally, more serious than ever and it goes FAR beyond a number on the scale or an outfit.  The last seven years have been quietly (mostly) overwhelming and I needed a makeover, a transformation of a different kind.  I want to step out of my 30’s and into my 40’s like “YAAAASSSSSS!” (please take note.  That is the ONLY time you will EVER hear me use that word.  :)) In comes YouFit.

Photo Apr 20, 11 22 16 AMAs part of my ambassadorship with FitFluential, I was given a sixty day membership to a YouFit here in Huntsville, Alabama (they have over 75 You Fit gyms around the country so check here to see if there is one near you.  They also have an awesome blog FULL of great tips and info. Check it out here!). Now, for those who live in the area, I live in Madison and this gym in across the street from Grissom High School.  If you’re not familiar with the area, let me translate and say this is NOT around the corner.  I did this intentionally.  I wanted to have to MAKE the effort to get in the best shape of my life for my 40th birthday.  If I wasn’t willing to drive 30 minutes from my house to do it then I really didn’t want it. Period.

On my first day I met Tori the manager and she was super nice and helpful in showing me around the gym and getting me set up.  What I first noticed was how SPACIOUS and CLEAN it was in there.  I do admit, I was a little weirded out because I used to teach at the gym that was there before and I was trying to adjust to the new set up and space.  Then I found my new love and forgot all about the past.

It’s called the lateral trainer.


If you can imagine an elliptical that moves from side to side instead of up and down.  I told Tori I wasn’t going to work out because I was super tired and I had teach more classes that day but I couldn’t resist getting on it.  Talk about feeling it in the glutes!! Wooo!  As a person who has stubborn legs that prefer being thick over lean, I know I am going to LOVE this machine.

One of the other things I was super impressed with was how GREEN the gym (and I don’t necessarily mean the color although the purple and green IS quite amusing).  They are VERY conscious of how they use paper.  Thumbs up.  Tori signed me up for an evaluation the next day and I headed out of the door.

Photo Apr 28, 10 12 45 AM

OK. Truth moment: It is HARD for a personal trainer to put themselves in someone else’s hands.  We feel like we know it all, or at least enough to get ourselves through the process.  The thought of it all was extremely humbling.  However, I kept my word and made it back in the next day to see Cole, whom I recognized as a former member of the gym where I work.  Working with Cole was awesome.  He asked me some questions I needed to answer and put me through a great workout.  The only thing I didn’t like about Cole was that he asked me to step on the scale.  Yeah. Yeah. I know. But I hate that thing.  I decided to not take my shoes, top shirt and all of that other stuff off. I saw the number, tried to fight those old demons and just said, “Let’s get to work.”

Photo Apr 21, 10 28 43 AM

And that’s the point where I am right now.

My entire mindset has changed already.  I’ve made it to the gym several days.  Like today, I just DIDN’T want to go.  I’m TIRED.  But I got in there, chatted with the staff, got a good leg workout in before yoga (Holy Hamstrings!) and am now figuring out what days I can get some more workouts in with my crazy schedule instead of using “busy with other peoples’ transformations” as an excuse.


I’m not in the shape I want to be in and I don’t know if two months is going to completely change my body.  However, I will tell you that deciding to put my energy and effort towards this goal has completely changed my life already.  I’m loving YouFit (find them here on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and I’m loving this new determination as I travel the road to 40.  It is a transformation indeed.

DHS98Photo Apr 26, 3 29 25 PM

Are you in need of transformation? What’s ONE thing you could do immediately to get you started?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Youfit.

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