The One Expert You Need To Follow


DSCN0389These days, EVERYONE is an expert, a specialist and/or a guru. And there are so many people caught up in the desire to be led by those who carry the title. This fitness/weight loss/eating clean thing is no joke. With all the talk about macros and gains, gluten free, carb cycling, paleo, TRX’s, maxing out and 21 day fixes, it ‘s hard to know what direction to take, what to believe and who to follow. Lots of us basically end up following everybody, trying to do everything and then end up on the couch eating cake, wallowing in our failure because we couldn’t keep up and had no picture to contribute on #FlashYourSixPack day. Or at least that was my experience.

There is one expert I decided to give a shot…..



And I don’t mean that in a “personal trainer, I have degrees and I read a lot of articles” sense. I mean in an “I know my body and habits better than ANYBODY else” sense.

I had to:

  • Become willing to observe (and face) my habits (mostly behavioral),
  • Be willing to do without the things that made me ill (too much wheat and dark chocolate, occasional tequila is o.k.),
  • Take time work through different forms of exercise (I do not enjoy running. Period. I know it’s the “in” thing but it’s not MY thing. Weight training, dance type things, yes. But I will try just about anything)
  • Face the reasons WHY I feel like I should be a certain weight (it sounded better. I felt like my hips were too big. I was comparing myself too much).


How did I know what to eat for breakfast? I ate what wanted and tested my performance. There are times in my life that I have eaten a fourth of a cake for breakfast (true story), a fast food breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, nuts and fruit, a protein shake, pancakes, tofu scramble, just fruit or nothing at all. And I know how I felt after eating each one. I base my decision on how I want to feel. There is not on person on the planet that can give me better feedback than that.

photo 4

I am NOT suggesting getting help is a bad thing. Helping people is what I do for a living. I am suggesting that spending your days following “gurus” on social media for answers you already have may be better spent putting into practice the information you have already been given.

We fantasize about other people’s lives and how perfect their lives and macros are. Truthfully, we all have our struggles. And everyone you admire all had to come to a point where, even in the process of working with someone who had more knowledge, had to trust themselves.


Go to your own page and press “like.” You’ve done so much searching and reading and hoping. Now it’s time to start doing. You’ve got this!

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