I Can Do More Than Point My Toe: 1 Year Later

April 18, 2014: Good Friday.

I got up at 4;30 a.m. and went to work.

20140421-081919.jpgMight as well had gotten up and done something productive.  I didn’t sleep the night before.  I was so in my feelings.  I was hurt about the people who didn’t understand what I was about to experience and wouldn’t lend a hand.  I was scared as hell about what was going to happen to me at 9:00 A.M.  I was hungry.  I was tired.  I was just ready to get back to being me….whomever that was. I had been injured for so long that I didn’t know what it was like to dance or teach or run without pain.  I had just been doing it.  But that last sprint had taken me down and now it was time to go under the knife. I remember Dr. Martens coming in talking to me and I remember going through surgery doors.  The next I remember was waking up looking at my husband and feeling this heaviness on my leg.  It was a cast. My Achilles was on its way to being healed but, man, did it hurt!

20140421-082122.jpgI remember trying to maneuver my way to the bathroom on crutches (I, obviously, should have done more agility training because I was failing miserably). I took a misstep and tried to put my toe down to catch myself as I reached for the dresser.  I let out a scream that sent everyone running.  I BARELY touched my toe on the ground and there was pain running through my entire body.  It was then that I felt lifeless.  I sat down and, as a dancer, my first instinct was to try and point and flex my foot. I couldn’t. I was devastated. I knew it was temporary but I honestly felt, in that moment, like my life, as I knew it was over.  It was THE most humbling moment of the entire experience. I was starting all over.

Well….this morning…..

Photo Apr 18, 7 54 22 AMI’m on my way to teach Zumba.  Then I’m off to teach dance. Then I’ll come home and prepare for the Piloxing training I’m teaching tomorrow.  Then I’ll go to dance practice after that.  🙂

Just a couple of weeks ago, the doctor told me I am in the small percentage of people for whom the surgery just didn’t work.  I still move with quite a bit of pain, daily.  His suggestion? To forget about my ankle and go on with my life.  It’s just that my ankle IS a part of my life.  What would my life be without movement?

See, since the surgery, I’ve managed to do this:

IMG_4464.JPGWanderlust AtlantaLoveLouise_Tasha-1925LTS ATL Summit

Life goes on if you’re determined to live it.  I’m not crazy.  I know my limitations.  I also know God. I also know a doctor’s limitations. I also know my dreams.  I also know my ambition.  I also know Tasha.

Today I don’t just celebrate being out of a cast and being able to point my toe.

Photo Aug 26, 4 18 17 PMI celebrate LIVING MY LIFE and pointing my vision in the direction I want to go.


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