A New Bag Fixes Everything: An Under Armour Women Giveaway

I’ve been quiet lately.Photo Mar 12, 8 00 26 PM

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. I’ve actually had TOO much to say. My thoughts are all over the place.  I know…..write it out….work it out, right? But that’s my life ALL the time, writing blogs and working out. I needed another outlet. Eating cake daily didn’t work (that only lasted about two days before I got sick). Neither did drinking Starbucks every time my feelings got hurt or disturbed (let’s not discuss my bank account or my feelings). So I had to go to some old reliable mood lifters….

 Photo Mar 24, 7 12 52 AMI’ve went back to power walking in between my clients with my bachata music blasting, finding good books to read, dancing every chance I get, keeping a house full of color produce and staring at new bags…..


I have a purse and bag thing…..big time.

I have a bag for EVERYTHING. There’s my gym bag for when I’m working out and for when I’m going to work at the gym. I have a bag to carry my journal, IPad and books around in and then I have a bag for my food. I have a bag for when I teach dance and a bag for when I go dancing…..you get the point  (I won’t even discuss the multiple bags I have in the trunk of my car). What I carry in it varies.  I only have one rule: it HAS to be cute!

Under Armour Women Neoprene Bookbag

So when I saw these cute bags from Under Armour Women, I had to get my hands on one. Small, sleek, black, cute and versatile.  I can carry it to the gym or to the mall. I have a tendency to throw my bag anywhere (hence it might get into anything) and I like the neoprene that is easily cleaned but still stylish. Under Armour Speed Form Apollos

As an Under Armour Women ambassador, it’s true….I’ve had my share of bags. 🙂 However, I’m thinking this could EASILY become one of my favorites. And because it’s Spring and you may have had a rough winter too, I want to brighten up your day…and your day…and your day by giving away THREE of these bags! My friends at Under Armour were gracious enough to share three of these bags for me to give away to my readers.

All you have to do is:

And leave a SEPARATE comment for each.  Each comment will be counted as an entry.

 Winner Will Be Announced on Monday, March 30, 2015.  Good luck and Happy Spring!

It’s a new season!


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46 Responses to A New Bag Fixes Everything: An Under Armour Women Giveaway

  1. Jessica says:

    I am planting a new garden – I’m so excited to have time to tend it this year and to have fresh vegetables!

  2. Jessica says:

    I follow both on Twitter – I’m @racingtozen

  3. Dacia says:

    Planting my spring/summer garden this weekend and laying down some wildflower seeds in hopes to attract more bees to my garden. I am also excited for the warm sunny weather and more days spent soaking in the vitamin d naturally.

  4. Dacia says:

    I follow you and UAWomen on Twitter (@MyRootsToGrow)

  5. Dacia says:

    I follow you and UnderArmourWomen on IG (@daciaroot)

  6. Dacia says:

    I tweeted 🙂

  7. Alicia Clay says:

    For spring, I plan on planting a new workout routine involving crossfit!

  8. Laura B. says:

    I look forward to enjoying daily walks with my dog this spring and getting back into doing yoga regularly.

  9. Laura B. says:

    Following Follow @UAWomen and @HipHealthyChick on Twitter on Twitter (@ohmwaterfalls)

  10. Laura B. says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway. @ohmwaterfalls

  11. Alicia Clay says:

    I am following @UAwomen and @ healthychick on Twitter..my username is dr_reneeclay

  12. Laurel C says:

    This sprig I’m excited for the weather (of course!), and the ability to run and ride outside when it’s warm out! Also, I’m excited to fix up my chicken coop so I can house my baby chicks in it in a few months

  13. Christina says:

    I’m planting an herb garden this spring!

  14. Lisa says:

    I’m looking forward to adding more to my workout routine. To finding new ways to get in cardio. To planting some herbs and veggies and finding some new colorful recipes to make!

  15. Alicia Clay says:

    I follow @underarmourwomen and @hiphealthychick on Instagram…my username is ali_renee213

  16. Laura B. says:

    Following @UnderArmourWomen and @HipHealthyChick on Instagram (@ohmwaterfalls)

  17. Christina says:

    I’m following you both on twitter. I’m wellnesschic!

  18. Alicia Clay says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! 😀

  19. Emily McGuire says:

    I am happy about pulling out flowy dresses and tops for spring!

  20. Christina says:

    I’m following you both on IG. I’m chrissychris1 over there!

  21. Christina says:

    I just tweeted! Happy Spring, girl! Bring on the sun!!! 🙂

  22. Laurel C says:

    I follow you both on twitter! @laurel_runs

  23. This spring has been about trying new things! I’ve signed up for two back to back 50K’s and then I hope to recover, replenish, and enjoy this beautiful time of year with my family! My son is graduating and so I hope to really have some good, quality time with him! Followed and tweeted!!

  24. Lisa says:

    So I just tweeted and followed @UAWomen on twitter.

  25. Lisa says:

    I already follow both @UnderArmourWomen and @hiphealthychick on Instagram and FB!

  26. Tina says:

    I am looking forward to running more outside. I also follow you and UAWomen on Instagram. I also follow you on Twitter.

  27. Yesenia Solis says:

    I am really looking forward for spring going to the gym and working out and eating healthier food love to loose the little stomach I have and my two kids want to plant some flowers and the yard ! Follow Twitter :@yesennia3432 Retweeted follow both thank you also IG following

  28. Tina says:

    I am looking forward to planting a spirit of joy in my life. I was stuck in the rut of work, eat, take care of everyone and sleep. Then I would do it all over again. I have begun living life with fullness that makes me happy and once this Chicago winter breaks I can do more outside without freezing!!!

  29. Tracey R says:

    This spring I am looking forward to planting a new seed of health! I have to keep up with working out and eating right. I fell off the wagon because it was SO cold outside, my attitude wasn’t in the right place. But now?! Honey, I am getting it together! 🙂

  30. Lauren says:

    I’m most looking forward to spring races and getting outside more!

  31. Lauren says:

    I follow you both on IG!

  32. Lauren says:

    I follow both on Twitter!

  33. steph says:

    baseball 🙂

  34. steph says:

    IG follower

  35. Tram says:

    For spring, I am planting a healthy eating regimen. I’ve also started a summer body challenge.

  36. Tram says:

    Follow you and UAWomen on Twitter (Traminator007)

  37. Tram says:

    Follow you and UAWomen on IG (Traminator)

  38. Sharon says:

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather in the spring! Can’t wait to wear tanks and shorts on the running trail! 🙂

  39. Sharon says:

    I follow you both on twitter. I’m @shanks324.

  40. Sharon says:

    I follow you both on Instagram. I’m runhikenplay.

  41. Maryuri Sanchez says:

    For this beautiful spring I’m planning on planting a new attitude so I can be able to keep my motivation going and add more workouts such as Pilates, boxing, just to keep going and don’t let the rain( bad weather) stop me

  42. Candice says:

    Great Post! It’s a new season indeed 🙂 and I am looking forward to planting many more seeds. I am looking forward to planting a new attitude and a small garden (now that I have the time) but more importantly, I am looking forward to the next 7 years of my life to see the many seeds that I have planted over the years bloom into something beautiful!