The Beauty of Letting Your Life Unfold


The beauty of life is it’s a LIVE performance that unfolds right before our very eyes. And we unfold as well. Each day we grow and change in different directions, although I admit, I feel like I’m going backwards sometimes. I do have to pinch myself sometimes to realize “I” teach fitness classes. I promise you, it feels like it was just the other day when I couldn’t stay on the elliptical for five minutes.

Photo Aug 13, 8 44 09 PM

i’ll admit that I’m discouraged sometimes because I feel like my abs should be as flat as this IPad by now (according to my friends and family, I only eat air and trees) but sometimes I forget what my body has been through, how it’s recovered and the fact that not being 232 pounds anymore or 218 is growth. I’m not where I was yesterday and that’s growth.  You’re not where you were yesterday and that’s growth.


Exhale. Feel that?  That’s the sign of promise.  Your last lines may not have been perfect.  You may have come out on stage too early.  It’s possible that you forgot a line or two.  If you’re like me, you may have run into a prop or something trying to get somewhere in a hurry.  But this is YOUR story and YOUR life. It will go on the way you allow it to unfold.  Speak with authority and live out your fate unapologetically. Your truth is beautiful.


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