The Price of Convenience

“I have stepped outside of my comfort zone enough to know that, yes, the world does fall apart, but not in the way you fear.” ~Tan Le~

For a lot of people, the comfort zone is their happy place.  They’ve decorated it with beautiful curtains to keep out reality and put plastic flowers in the window sill. It’s pretty, familiar and comfortable but nothing with the potential for true life can grow there. In order to get to that next level, we can’t expect to lay back and put our feet up and have change happen without our participation.

Change is scary. But, for me, so is staying the same. 

I get the struggle. First hand. And it’s STILL a daily struggle. And I’m not just talking the weight.  It’s easy to become complacent because climbing mountains, day after day, gets exhausting.  And I want to rest too. However, standing still gets uncomfortable when you have mediocrity resting on your back. Unused potential can do more damage to you than going for it ever will. Again, I know first hand.

I think of where I COULD be if I had stayed consistent with my life and pursuit of my dreams since entering the fitness business a decade ago.  I would be stronger. I would be wiser. Where I am is good. I could have been great.  I think about that daily, especially on a day like to day where I’m snowed/iced in and I have to make the decision between push-ups or Pinterest.

LTS ATL Summit

I have pretty much given up on convenience.  And mediocrity.  And complacency. Because I’m not willing to pay the price. It’s like charging up your credit card and pretending like the interest isn’t accruing.  But it is.  And the more you charge, the more you have to pay back.  Sometimes almost double. And I’ve paid with my life for far too long.


Credit runs out.  And you might not get approved for a second chance. How long are you willing to pay?

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