@ActivMotionBar in Motion: A Review!


I used to think “disruptive training” was making my clients try to figure out how I was counting and holding a conversation with them while I was doing a two-step. Come to find out, I was wrong… sort of.

ActivMotion BarWelcome to fitness on another level.  Let me introduce you to the ActivMotion Bar. Versatile. Innovative. Simple.

ActivMotion Bar(This is a sponsored post through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink.  All opinions are truthful and my own.)

When I received this bar in the mail, it was a Friday evening.  Everyone in my family was home and my son had a friend over.  It quickly turned into a fitness challenge over here.  Everyone was passing it around trying to come up with the best exercises and figure out what in the WORLD was going on in the middle of the bar that made it so hard to maintain balance?

The ActivMotion Bar (developed by acclaimed fitness professionals) is hollow and inside of it are round steel weights that glide on the inside.  You just feel less smooth on the outside. 🙂 You are challenged to keep the weights centered all while keeping the bar parallel to the floor.  Easy, right?  Not.  This bar takes things like lunges, rows and core work to an ENTIRELY different level.  Check out what happened when my client J decided to take the challenge of me AND the bar.  This is disruptive training for real…..

The truth is disruptive training is a system that progresses people through an array of phases that use the ActivMotion Bar in balance, core and strength movements.  This is so innovative and effective.  It brought a new type of fun (and challenge) to my personal training sessions.

ActivMotion BarI loved the DVD’s I received with it so I can also get some fresh ideas (which I did) and work out with it myself.  The DVD’s come in three different levels.  There are DVD’s for seniors, one that focuses primarily on toning for women, a training guide for fitness instructors and personal trainers (score!) and a golf fitness routine (I don’t play golf but I wish it was warm enough to go out and do so if I did!).

The bar (ideal for beginners to advanced athletes) comes in five different weights, ranging from 6 lbs. to 18lbs.  I use the 10lb. one.  I was thinking, “This is so light.”  Let me tell you, when you add in the rolling weight, 10 lbs. feels A LOT heavier.

ActivMotion Bar

I’m so impressed with this bar and Derek Mikulski’s (the innovator behind the bar) thought process  to come up with something so challenging yet simple. Derek, a personal trainer who had to come to grips with his own health at one time and his business partner John (who was once his client)  know what it’s like to desire something functional but simple.  I can’t WAIT to get to IDEA Blog Fest and take some classes with the ActivMotion crew!

If you can get your hands on one of these, I HIGHLY suggest you try it out.  Just try ONE of your regular exercises that you would normally do with a bar and FEEL the difference.  If you are looking for a way to up your at home fitness game or add something to your garage gym, consider stepping it up with this.  It will radically change the way you work out.

ActivMotion Bar

And I don’t know about you but 2015 is the year for change for me.  Radical change.

Have you tried this bar before? What did you think?

Thumbs up, ActivMotion Bar!

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