The Magic For Your First Monday

Happy New Year, Everybody! 🙂

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I wish I could tell you I did something exciting to bring in 2015 but, honestly, I trained quite a few clients on New Year’s Eve and helped teach an awesome New Year’s Eve workout with some of my favorite girls at the gym.  I was in bed by 9;30 P.M. I did get up and go to Bikram Yoga at 9:00 A.M. on New Year’s Day.  I’m off to a great start.

Photo Jan 02, 12 56 38 PMPhoto Dec 30, 8 43 40 AMAnd I want to talk to you, briefly, about yours.  I know you are busy making your green smoothies, packing your lunch and getting your workout clothes together.  And I’m SUPER proud of you.  The New Year is a time for us to start over. We’re done with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and we are ready to focus on us.  But there is one thing I want to make sure you know…There is NO MAGIC IN MONDAY. There is NO MAGIC IN THE NEW YEAR.  The magic is YOU and your belief in yourself.  It can seem pretty ridiculous to believe you are going to make it to the gym three and four times a week for MONTHS.  I thought the same thing when I joined the YMCA of Nashville in January of 2002.  I had never lifted weights seriously before and my previous success in weight loss had come from eating disorders and excessive cardio.  Translation: I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t have a workout partner or a personal trainer and my accountability partner found out she was pregnant the day after we decided to lose weight.  I was clueless and alone.  You know where I started?

2002At the beginning.

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I struggled.  I spent five minutes of what felt like death on the elliptical.  I lifted the smallest amount of weight.  And there were times when I left the gym, I felt defeated.  But I promised MYSELF I would go back.  For six months, I went no less than three times a week.  ALONE.  And there was nothing magic about Monday.  It’s a LIE.  The magic is when you decide to do the work.  And it can be Thursday.  Monday means NOTHING if your mind isn’t made up about wanting something different.  And I did.  And I got it.  And I’ve had to use that mindset over and over again when I kept telling myself I’d start over on the first or after the next three day weekend or after my birthday.


If you are sitting up splurging right now because you feel like life is going to be over tomorrow and you are somehow going to wake up differently and beat yourself into submission, put the food down.  Put the drink down. Put the dessert down.  Start RIGHT NOW.  Overindulgence leads you to believe you are missing out on something and have to get it all in before you go on punishment.  Take it from someone who knows.  Changing your life and being healthy is one of the greatest rewards ever.  If you change your perspective, this journey will be easier.

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As we head to the starting line, may we keep our eyes on the prize and in our lane (don’t compare your journey to another person’s.  It’s a sure fire way to trip and fall). May we run with endurance and faith, give it all we’ve got and never be afraid to get back up and finish if we should stumble.

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Happy 2015!

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