My REAL Group Fitness Story: The Rest of It

I promise God has a sense of humor.


Rarely do I publish from my Ipad.  But last week was one of “those” weeks when I earned my title of group fitness instructor.  I have been teaching the same five classes for years now.  Last week I took a class, taught nine classes and I just got back this evening from attending the “Jesus at the Core” event in Atlanta (two days of working out). I’m BEYOND exhausted.  But it’s been on my mind to update my blog so I was playing around on here and I realized the blog I wrote about my ten years in group fitness did not post all the way.  It ended with me talking about teaching step which is DEFINITELY the LOW POINT in my career. It DELETED the entire list of certifications I listed.  I went back in my IPad and there was the entire blog and I hit the button that said “update” thinking I just typed more and it would update and….It did.  It gave me an updated ego check.  All of that going on and on just went away.  While it is true I hardly ever list all of my certifications (I don’t remember all of them), I am sitting here thinking how insignificant it is right now to what it is that I have been called to do.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished especially with this being my third or so career choice.  But I promise you: not ONE student who has ever approached me with tears in their eyes about feeling different and being inspired ever hugged me and then backed away and said, “So, what certifications do you have again?”  Education is important.  Training is crucial.  But the connection I feel with the people I’ve come in contact with over the past ten years canNOT be listed on a resume.

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I apologize if you were reading that blog and felt cheated out of an ending.  When I re-read it, I felt like God was giving me an opportunity to approach the next ten years with the same humility and fresh eyes as I did with that step class.  I knew nothing.  I just wanted it so bad.  I just wanted to understand it and be the best I could.  I wanted my students to have a great experience.  I was grateful to those who taught me, had patience with me.  And I did it in spite of people telling me I couldn’t.  That’s my REAL group fitness story.

Here’s to another ten years.

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