What I Really Want For Christmas!

IMG_4712-0.JPGSometimes you have to learn to play injured. And, wow, have I learned this year! Four months injured before my surgery, dancing around on one foot, three months recovery and then five months dancing around on one and a half feet. And all of the emotional weight that comes along with that and dealing with the hits my business took this year, the angst of being the parent of a teenager, deadlines, sickness, the return of my migraines, the introduction of insomnia and learning to sleep on a new mattress and pillow while learning the new weight room at work. I feel like I should ask for a box of Calgon, a month long vacation in the Dominican Republic, three bottles of wine and a personal assistant. But learning to play the game at a disadvantage taught me a few things and so to stay off the bench and in the game for 2015, I decided to ask for the following things on my Christmas List:

  • Humility: You can go from popular to past tense in ten seconds. I want to remain grounded and continue to lead with a servant’s heart. I never want what I do to become about me. If that were the case, 2014 would have been the year I quit.
  • Endurance: The mental kind. I REALLY came close to giving up fitness, health and wellness as a career; SEVERAL times. I want to finish the race God has set before me. I want to be out on the field as long as He is calling me to play.
  • Joy: the resurrection of the joy that’s already inside of me. I’ve been way too sad this year and it’s because I’ve spent WAY too much time putting my joy in the hands of other people and circumstances. I want to activate that internal exuberance and never turn it off.
  • Gratefulness: I’ve lost a lot but I’ve gained a lot this year. I’m MORE than blessed. I want gratefulness to be at the forefront of every breath I take. Forever.
  • ¬†Courage: I want to ROAR LIKE A LION at life and not be afraid of what people think. I want to give 200% and not care if people think I’m “too much” or “too intense.” I want to go after my dreams like I am expecting them to come true.

And if I find those under my tree or in my heart Christmas morning, I will be one happy woman. And a Starbucks gift card to go with it never hurt.

What do you want for Christmas?



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