Clothes Revival! A Win Detergent Giveaway!

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Just in case we haven’t met, I’m Tasha and I buy and wear A LOT of workout clothes.

Zumbathrowdown-89Photo Sep 17, 11 55 38 AM20130820-1O5A9862-101-(ZF-9259-37316-1-118)I sweat a lot too.

Fashion and comfort is one thing.  Laundry is something else.  And while I may look cute, my family would agree that I do not smell quite as lovely when I make it home from the gym. And sometimes my clothes just don’t smell as lovely after washing because, well, I’ve put in work and just gets deep down into the fabric.  I have had to throw away MANY beloved pieces of my wardrobe because they just flat out stank (can I say that on a blog?). So, I found a solution.This post is sponsored by WIN Detergent through my affiliation as a Sweat Pink ambassador.  All opinions are my own.

WIN Detergent for the win.  Seriously.

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It is nothing for me to change clothes two or three times a day. There’s my personal training wardrobe, my Zumba wardrobe, my yoga wardrobe and my Piloxing wardrobe.  (And every now and then I wear regular clothes).  When I travel, I tend to have PILES of luggage, therefore PILES of laundry, stinky laundry. Maybe I just need therapy.

But I felt really good after using WIN.  I felt like my clothes came back to life.  And not in a perfumey kind of way.  My clothes smelled CLEAN, not like I had done a really bad job of trying to Febreeze my outfit so I wouldn’t have to change.  (Because even after a good wash with some of what I thought was the best detergent, I still had a “after gym scent.”

WIN Detergent

Here’s what I also like about WIN Detergent.  They have two versions, their regular version (designed to remove sweat, oil and odors from technical athletic/sports apparel (hello, parents of kids who play sports!), is made in the USA with a bottle made from 25% post consumer recycled plastic, is septic safe, phospate free, can be used in high efficiency washers and is NOT tested on animals) and their dye-free, fragrance free GREEN version (all of the above and formulated to meet the standards for design for the environment certification by the EPA. It is also hypoallergenic and designed for users with sensitive skin and noses).

It’s a WIN WIN situation.

How much laundry do you do per week?  How many times do you change out of sweaty clothes daily? Could you use some WIN Detergent in your life? Here’s your chance! Enter below.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 25th at midnight.  But if you want to go ahead and order some now, Visit Win Detergent and use the code WINGIVE1 to save $1 off your bottle of WIN! Good luck!

WIN Detergent

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4 Responses to Clothes Revival! A Win Detergent Giveaway!

  1. Lisa Bridges says:

    Tasha thank you for always letting us know about amazing products not just for working out but for keeping the things we use to work out in clean and bringing them back to life…

  2. jen says:

    i’ve gotten into the habit of soaking my workout clothes in a vinegar solution for a while before running them in a regular load (to which i usually add a bit of vinegar in addition to the detergent). this works for me, but if there is a detergent away that takes this extra step(s) out of the equation, that would be amazing.