The Final Play: Are You Going In?

Photo Nov 26, 1 50 18 PMI’ve been trying to write a blog post for about, oh, five days.

The truth is I’ve enjoyed not having to get up at 4:30 A.M., taking naps, not having to go to the gym if I didn’t want to (I love you all but I get tired too) and eating my oatmeal in my pajamas.

The truth is I HAVE eaten oatmeal EVERY day since I’ve been on this mini vacation, I’ve been to the gym every day but Thanksgiving (it was closed so I did yoga at home) and today (and today is not over) and I still went to bed early (if you know me this won’t surprise you at all). I’m not trying to win an award. Honestly, I’m ready to get off the bench.

It’s the last day of November. Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of the YEAR! And, physically, it’s been a challenging one for me. I started the New Year out (no lie, January 2nd) with the flu AND pneumonia after being told I could train for a half marathon on my lingering Achilles injury but I’d have to have surgery in May. I was willing to deal with the pain (read why here) until something went wrong one training morning and I had to stop running AND move my surgery to April. Three months down (that’s July… taught my return class on my 39th birthday) and I’m still hobbling like crazy. Then comes this cold air, the emotional weight of the time change and seasonal depression, every other undocumented problem in my life and BOOM! I feel like I’m right where I was this time last year. Mostly…..

Photo Nov 26, 11 26 39 AM

This year, this past month, I’ve grabbed life by the horns and went, “Wait a minute!” I don’t do progress photos, not publicly, but I’ve noticed a change in my mid-section (my nemesis) and my legs although someone (truth be told, who hadn’t really seen me in years but that’s a blog post for later this week) just politely asked me (“friend to friend” as she stated) if I was gaining weight. I’m FINALLY making/seeing changes and really? But anyway….Last year, that would have crushed me. This year, this month, whatever…….(thanks, NOW Foods! The supplements you sent me are working!). I don’t do “challenges.” However, I signed up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge since it was being run by my peeps Amanda at Run To The Finish and my loves at Sweat Guru.

Photo Nov 28, 10 04 46 AM

It’s been great, physically and mentally.
I realize I am the one people have to be accountable to and sometimes I need to be accountable to someone.

Yesterday, I started the two-10 discovery challenge with FRS. I’ve slept eight to ten hours every night for the past four days. I’m getting my smoothies in (check my blog tomorrow for a giveaway!), I’m joining my friend Jenn for a challenge group tomorrow (you know Jenn Hall, right? The creator of LeBarre, former dancer with Beyoncé? Yeah, her), getting in on the action on Challenge Loop with Chris Freytag (why not?), reading more and feeling like myself again. All because I decided to do what I had to do to get off the bench. I want to get in the game. It’s never over until the final buzzer (Roll Tide!).Photo Nov 27, 1 44 54 PM

When you wake up tomorrow, it will be December.
How bad do you want to play?

Photo Nov 25, 9 56 26 AM

Spectator seats are awfully appealing but TRUST me, NOTHING feels as good as being on the field giving it all you’ve got. I’ve got a jersey for you.

Game time.

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