I Just Went To Buy Almond Milk….And A Winner!

Sunday night, the LAST place I wanted to be was Wal-Mart.

It had rained all day and after church I, literally, climbed into bed, watched two black and white movies, took a nap in between and began contemplating my bed time.  But my daughter’s button had fell off of her new coat and Belk was replacing it and they called and she wanted her coat.  It was STILL raining and cold but you know….what kind of mother would I be if I let her brand new coat stay there and make her wear her old one to school on Monday?  So off I went.

Photo Nov 08, 5 20 16 AM

 Halfway home, I realized my daughter still needed gloves and a scarf and we needed almond milk.  I tried to justify driving all out of the way to NOT go to Wal-Mart, especially not “this” one.  I wanted to go to the new one but none of it made sense. I headed straight for the back, wondering if this Wal-Mart even had almond milk and came face to face with exactly what I needed to see…I saw a woman and her young son with a basket looking exactly like mine used to look.

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Before anyone thinks I am about to get all righteous about how many macros she may be feeding her son or how many sugary snacks she had, let me just go ahead and tell you I wasn’t thinking “holistic health coach vs. helpless hopeless unhealthy heathen.”  I wanted to cry, for several reason.  See the “enlightened” people of the world sometimes believe people shop a certain kind of way because they choose to live in ignorance, make bad choices with government money and just don’t want to be healthy.  When I saw that scenario, I IMMEDIATELY remembered my $25/week grocery budget and how I only got “special bread” when a friend would just “randomly” offer to pick up groceries for me or my son would get brand name apple juice instead of the Kroger kind.  I remember what it was like to feed him McDonald’s because it was all I had and buying Kid Cuisine because they were $1.67 each and I never remembered any healthy person approaching me offering to help.  Ever.  When I saw her basket, I wanted to cry.  I started asking myself how is it I got “rescued.”  How did I learn about spirulina?  How did I learn about kale?  How did I get introduced to squash and arugula and flax oil?  And when in the hell did I start drinking almond milk?


See eating healthy is a privilege, although my vegetarianism started off as a way to save money when my husband lost his job (true story). But has our priority become distastefully criticizing those whom we “think” don’t get it instead of helping to share our knowledge?  Or even buy better groceries?  When is the last time you went to the store and bought almond milk for someone you thought should be drinking it instead of the stuff you call poison? Or make a salad and shared it with a family? Or offered to go grocery shopping with a single mother and show her how you shop on a budget or how you buy things or just showed up on her doorsteps with bags?  Because if it had not been for people investing time and money in me, I’d still be feeding my children Kid Cuisine and Hamburger Helper every night (and let me just say, my family does NOT eat perfectly.  My family has A LOT of work to do.  But in the decade since I’ve really been focusing on diet changes, we’ve progressed), drinking Big K and dining on cinnamon rolls for dessert. Instead of criticizing me, they taught me and helped me.


During this holiday season, while everyone is feeling so thankful, be thankful if you know what “grassfed” is and you can afford it, if you can afford to go out and buy a vegan tofurky, if you can spend lots of money recreating a table scene from Pinterest while drinking your homemade pumpkin spiced lattes with almond milk.  It IS a privilege.  It’s not every day for everybody.  For me, I am reminded how privileged I am and how fortunate I’ve been to be blessed to share what I’ve learned so that it becomes more of an “every day” to more people.


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2 Responses to I Just Went To Buy Almond Milk….And A Winner!

  1. Leslie Kennon says:

    Great point! I was one of those people who judged others by their carts or “drive thru” lunch choices… I don’t now. Most of us don’t know what we don’t know.