Focus and Feeling Better: Next Steps

I feel like a new woman….almost.  🙂 Like I could run another half marathon…almost. 🙂

Half Marathon FinishI knew things had shifted inside when I saw pictures and posts from friends running the same half marathon I had run two years ago and I felt nothing but joy, for them.  I felt no emotional hurt from not being able to run my race this year, no emotional hurt from still being halfway sidelined from my surgery, no emotional hurt from feeling like I had missed out on something.  I actually even admitted on Instagram this week that I don’t even like running.  I’ve taken up power walking instead and I feel so free and clear.  Amazing what the truth will do for you.  And releasing the past.  And getting clear about what you want and need.  And some new supplements. And your son turning seventeen.  Yeah, all of that happened to me this week.

Photo Dec 24, 1 18 21 PMUsually my son’s birthday brings so much guilt over my spirit.  I’ve made more mistakes with him than I have anything else in my life.  I also remember being my heaviest weight ever the day I went into the labor with him.  And I usually talk about it.  That’s what people want to hear, the drama of how bad I felt to be big, depressed and out of control.  Not this time.  Not this year.  Not ever again.  I have realized that if I want to create something new, I am going to have to speak something new.  I rushed home in between clients to see my children before they headed out that morning and I looked at my son, now a young man and wanted to hit the ground thanking the Lord God for grace, mercy and second chances.  He gave me a second chance with him.  And he’s giving me a second chance with life.  And I’m taking it.

Photo Aug 26, 6 14 22 PM (1)

My friends from NOW Foods also sent me new supplements to help me get over the “low energy, varying mood, not sleeping, can’t focus needing to detox” portion of my life.  I have starting taking their eco-green vitamin, melatonin, veggie DHA and mood support.  (Disclaimer: I do NOT recommend that you just go out buy these supplements because your symptoms “sound similar” to mine.  I have done the research I need for my specific issues and talked with my doctor.  Please do the same.  None of these statements have been approved by the FDA.) I will start taking the detox support on Monday when I give up (are you ready?) my Starbucks.  Oh, Lord…. I know but I believe the coffee and the wheat (or at least too much of it) are starting to bother me.  I am going to have to pull it to see what has my gastrointestinal system so distraught.  The sugar too.  I don’t each much of it anymore (now that’s a testimony right there.  That story alone could be a week long mini-series) but it’s not helping in ANY way.  I’m ready for the change.  I’ve been increasing my water and green tea intake.  The change is astounding.

Now Foods Supplements

Now can someone do something about this cold weather?

Photo Nov 15, 7 15 30 AM

Last night I took myself to dinner and journaled my thoughts and plans for my business next year.  It can NOT be business as usual.  I think I’ve already proven that. There are some things and people I’ve detoxed from and I actually like the feeling.  It led me to discover that I needed to make a few more changes. Holding on for the sake of holding on isn’t healthy or wise.  And when I let go, I was amazed at what fell in my hands.


I’m looking to get back into the weight room ASAP but I’ve been having problems with my back so I’m taking all prayers and good vibes and tubes of Deep Blue and Icy Hot patches.  🙂  But I’m excited about the shift and I’m ready to move forward with light into what used to just feel like cold and dark.

What’s the one thing you could let go of to receive something new?

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