Let The Games Begin: The Fitness Games!

The Fitness GamesThe Fitness Games. Umm,  Can I just say, “Whoa?”

When I read the description of this app, I was kind of like, “O.K., I need a little boost.  This could be fun.”  I’m not really the competing type but I am definitely in the season of trying something new.  And, something new it was.  Because what “I” thought would just be some squats here or there and a few crunches turned out to be an experience that would leave me looking like that picture…

Yes, that is my “what in the world just happened?” look.  And it’s a good one. (This post is was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with FitApproach.  I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum version of the application for review.  As always, all opinions are my own.)

When I first received the app, I scanned through what was available:

The Fitness GamesI sort of like all of it but chose my first “challenge” as a cardiovascular one.  Three miles on the elliptical.  Let me tell you something.  When you are racing against a clock, your body moves differently. 🙂  I had the opportunity to choose who I wanted to challenge (myself, another member or the entire community) and then I went for it. I actually challenged someone in my close knit fitness circle (did I mention that I was so blown away by this app and idea that I contacted Arya, one of the developers, before I even started and asked how I could get some of my clients and fitness friends on board and he helped me hooked them up?!?!? Thanks so much, Arya!!).  I’m not sure I’ve ever moved so fast on an elliptical in my life.  🙂  I can now see why competition is so addicting to people.  I’m not sure I was concerned about winning as much as I was tired of seeing that timer go on and on.:)  I made it in a little over thirty minutes and I felt like I needed a nap.  And I definitely needed a shower. 🙂

The Fitness GamesFor my second challenge, I choose a cross training workout called “Bodyweight Madness.” In my mind, I felt sort of bad because I had to pick one I could do at home and protect my heel and knee.  I thought I was taking the easy way out.  NOT!!!!!!!!!  The circuit had to be repeated three times and after I got up from the FIRST plank I was like, “Seriously?” I had challenged one of my fellow Sweat Pink ambassadors and I was thinking, “I wonder if she is on the other side of her phone thinking what I’m thinking.  What in the WORLD have we gotten ourselves into?” I did however feel super accomplished when I had finished and was able to push the clock to stop the time.

The Fitness GamesI plan to challenge myself more (I always want to get better) and try out the strength training workouts (shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, chest and, because it’s an option on the app, I will make up my own leg workout and challenge myself).  While I won’t do this EVERY day (I like to take my time and NOT be on a clock, change things up, etc.) I really do believe this is an awesome “shake things up” addition to anybody’s fitness routine.

What I REALLY like is the supportive community.  The Fitness Games is active on Instagram (you KNOW how much I like Instagram) AND have an active Facebook group where they host other challenges and give away prizes to those who are really getting it in! Within the app, you can also post your gym selfies and videos and give other people shout outs.  Because, in the end, this is really about making ALL of us better.

The Fitness Games is available on both IOS and Android.  And if you should happen to download (which I totally think you should), look me up (I’m listed under “hiphealthychick“) and let the games begin!

The Fitness Games

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