Five Months Ago….

I won’t talk long.  Just needed to pause for a minute.  I needed to pause and remember this:

Photo Aug 26, 4 18 18 PMFive months ago today, I went to surgery to have the bursae sack removed from my Achilles.  I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to walk.  I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to put my toe down on the ground without screaming my head off.  I had no idea that I’d be on crutches for weeks.  I had no idea that life would change so drastically.Photo Aug 26, 4 18 17 PMI literally cried when I looked at this picture.  I didn’t know how “bad” it was because I couldn’t see it.  And I’ve never shown it to anyone but my husband and my mother until now.  And I’m showing it now because I really want you to get what I’m saying.

TashaPiloxing-108I had been teaching for YEARS in pain.  Workshops, classes, certifications, dance, recitals.  I even trained for and ran a half marathon in pain. I was actually training for another one when my injury got worse and my doctor pulled me.  I was trying to prove that LAST point.  I could do it.  It wasn’t as bad as it seemed.


It wasn’t.  What was bad was me ignoring a problem that could have been resolved without surgery had I paid attention to it before.

And you’d think I would have learned my lesson, right?

IMG_20140812_211441Photo Sep 15, 6 27 52 PMPhoto Sep 17, 9 27 48 PMPhoto Sep 17, 11 55 38 AMI did.  Sort of.

I’m back it.  And I’d be lying if I told you my heel doesn’t hurt.  It hurts a lot.  Most days.  But I am so much more conscious and joyous.  I am conscious of my movement, how I’m holding my body, my stretches, when it feels tight, when I need to come down on the impact, when I need to go there a little because I’m just afraid.  Joyous because I remember crying about needing help going to the bathroom and sleeping on my back and need pain pills and feeling absolutely helpless and lost while being separated from something I really love: movement.  If you’ve been to my classes in the past couple of months you can probably tell there is a “lightness” about them.  It’s just not that serious.  Sitting on that couch watching endless amount of “Snapped” episodes was serious.

The road back is never easy.  The road there wasn’t a straight shot either.  But it could have been worse.  And I still have the opportunity to grow in a different way: mentally.  I may not be able to move as quickly but I find that as a blessing in disguise.  I actually needed to slow down, in every aspect, and enjoy what was in front of me.

See you on the dance or gym floor. 🙂

Photo Sep 15, 5 18 25 PM


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