#DietBet: Why Choose To Trick or Train?

It’s been about a month since we completed the

#SixWeeksScaleFree Challenge.

SIxWeeksScaleFreeLet me tell you….close to seventy women who made a conscious effort to surrender their “crutch” of measuring their worth up against a number will bring some stuff OUT.  It got ugly at moments and a lot of us faced things that we just weren’t expecting.  And many of us just didn’t stay with it.  It’s not always about us being “lazy” and being “unmotivated.”  It’s about us being motivated in different ways.  For a lot of women (men too) who really needed an A-HA moment, the “emotional revelations” just weren’t enough for them.  Not right now.  They needed something concrete.  They needed a clear and concise measuring tool.  I get it. (You know I’m married to an engineer, right?) So I started thinking about how I could continue to encourage people while motivating them in the space where they were, believing we’ll all end up where we need to be?Enter Diet Bet.

I have participated in a Diet Bet before a little over a year ago with FitFluential. It was really sort of interesting.  Diet Bet is based on the premise that you pledge a certain amount>  As players join the game, the pot grows. (We got to WELL over $10,00!) Whomever hits the goal splits the pot.  It’s really pretty simple.  No one has to worry about holding the money in a secret hiding place. And we watch the pot grow as players join the game.

So, what’s the goal?  The goal is 4% of your body weight in four weeks.  This is a KICKSTARTER program so you are going hard in the paint for a month to give yourself a jump start to whatever fitness goals you may have.  As an example, a 150 pound person’s 4% goal would be six pounds. And that’s takes work.  But here’s the thing. Some people actually work HARDER when they have a goal in sight.  And, let’s face it, some people just really like to WIN! 🙂 During the last Diet Bet, I had a few girlfriends, a client, my husband and myself participate.  My client should have won triple the money because she her commitment went to another level.  She just REALLY liked to win but, because of the Diet Bet, she had started to see how hard she WASN’T working and how off her diet had been.  As for me, well, I hit my goal weight the morning after the weigh in.  Oh well.

Under Armour Brand House Workout

I have created a game on Diet Bet called “Trick or Train.”  This is such a slippery slope season because it’s when we start getting tempted by all of the Halloween candy and we want to stay in bed longer or get home sooner because of the cooler temps and longer evenings.  It’s making a decision that training (exercise AND eating well) is really NOT a trick.  It’s a lifestyle.  And I am participating again and encouraging you to join me. There is now a space for us (yep, I’m already assuming you’re in this thing) to chat with each other, cheer each other on, invite other people, trash talk (if that’s your thing) and help pull each other along.  The buy in is $25 and if they have not changed the option, I believe you can still donate any winnings you may earn to charity (super cool).  You can join by clicking here.

But what about the scale, Tasha?

scaleI am actually taking on another challenge.  I am only weighing in twice: the two required weigh-ins.  I don’t want my life messed up because that number didn’t read right.  But I want the push.  Woosah! I know, right?  But I am believing I can do it.  If you want to take the “two weigh in” challenge with me, holla back!

This is really about you doing you how you do it and being o.k. with it.  And if this resonates with you, I would love to have you join me for an amazing four weeks.  The initial weigh in is Thursday, October 2nd so get signed up and let’s do this!

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  1. Lisa Bridges says:

    I’m in for the two weigh in’s!!! Let’s do this… OH MY!!!!