Black Girls Run #SWYS14: What’s REALLY Happening In Atlanta


This is actually a late post that I was unable to upload while I was in Atlanta.  And I decided to not edit it as I was writing it while in the midst of the conference going on around me.  Enjoy. 🙂



To a person just reading the title, it sounds like Black Girls Run is just a group of Black girls running somewhere. And that’s true. But it’s bigger than a 5K. This is a marathon. Of life. And I am so inspired and amazed. Beyond the headbands, t-shirts and and every kind of running shoe you can imagine, there is a spirit of “I’ll hold you up, Sister. We’ll cross the line together.” As a matter of fact, just as I was getting ready to type this, two women were sitting next to me talking about diabetes. One had to take her shot. The other was dusting her story as to how she lost 100 pounds to avoid taking shots. And it wasn’t a judgmental conversation. I believe that woman just saw her finish line.

I was blessed with the opportunity to teach two Piloxing classes yesterday which were INSANE!!!! There is nothing like a group of eager people who sign up for your class merely out of curiosity (most of them have never heard of Piloxing or me. None of them had ever taken a class. It was in the first time slot of the conference and the energy was like WHOA! But to see these “runners” supporting each other (and me) and trying something new was amazing. I think I took about 400 pictures yesterday (if I pop up on your Instagram timeline in a selfie with someone, I warned you.)


I have also had the opportunity to see one of my high school classmates, have someone recognize me from college (which blew my mind because the time we were in school together, I weighed 200 plus pounds), hi-five some of my favorite fitness friends and finally make connections with some people I’ve grown to love through social media. The love is overwhelming. I had to stop from writing this several times because women kept approaching me about yesterday’s class. It’s so humbling. It’s so unreal. But it wasn’t because I taught a great class. It was because the purpose is greater than any of us needing any glory. What I saw made me wish my Achilles was well enough to run with these women on Sunday. Now I can see how women who don’t run (that would be me) are drawn to Black Girls Run and their local chapters.

I just left an African dance class with live drumming. And I’m supposed to be in yoga but I left my mat, I’m super exhausted and I’m having a better time hanging out in the lobby, talking and listening. This feels like magic. I don’t think I’m going to make it to samba this afternoon 🙁 but I’m going to get some good music on Sirius XM (gotta love rental cars) and shake all the way to lunch and nap time.

I’ll be back on Monday to teach and train (teaching a Piloxing certification tomorrow) but, for now, I’m just enjoying what we constantly tell people about exercising and group exercise and support and trying new things.

It works. 🙂




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