Beyond The Horizon: What I Learned at #BlogFest

If we’re friends on Instagram then you’ve seen more than enough pictures of my trip to Anaheim this weekend to the IDEA/Sweat Pink Convention and Blog Fest this weekend.

Here are some highlights in case you missed the pictures:

I got to hang with my Under Armour and true sister Kasey (who I snagged this pic from) whom you probably know as the amazing PowerCakes. I also got to participate in her awesome bootcamp sponsored by HumanX Gear.

Powercakes BlogfestWe both had a MAJOR FAN moment when we got to meet our Under Armour Women hero Shauna Harrison in person.

Shauna Harrison(I don’t know how much I liked her after she kicked our butts at 6 am. in boot camp.  Just kidding…sort of?  🙂  Love you, Shauna!)

I got to experience Piloxing Knockout with my love and Piloxing creator, Viveca Jensen:Viveca Jensen IDEA

I got to hear Jillian Michaels speak, take a class from Chalene Johnson AND meet Jared from Subway.

Jillian Michaels IDEA

IMAG0402  IMG_20140814_184723







I got to hear Diana Nyad (just WOW!)  speak AND play the trumpet and hear the amazing story of Augie Nieto which prompted several of us to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the lawn of the Anaheim Marriott.

Ice Bucket ChallengeI met so many amazing people (like finding out Koya Webb was there on Shauna’s Instagram and meeting her in hotel lobby, putting my arms around the amazing Kelly Olexa and sitting down and discussing nutrition with the lovely ladies from General Mills) and tried so many amazing things (the new patty from Beyond Meat, the Indo Board and new drinks from Celsius) and did so many push ups, squats and burpees! (I’m still sore.) i also went to Disneyland, had wine, amazing vegan food and took a lot of selfies.

IMAG0393 IMAG0461 IMAG0490

But as I listened to the amazing bloggers and speakers share and I looked around to see what was happening to me, something inside of me shifted. I spent one night in my room crying about what was happening to me, another night breathless about the tragedy that was happening at home and the next day, I set out on a three mile walk (yep, one way after working out all weekend) for what I thought was lunch.  It turned out to be this:

IMAG0453I was literally praying and crying walking across a bridge, alone, when I saw this.  It was as if God was saying, “Look up.  You’re not that far.  See what’s coming.”

It’s easy to feel “lost” at these conferences because you can easily believe everyone is a superstar. You can easily believe you are the only one that doesn’t get it.  It’s easy to feel like what you are doing is only valuable if you have a lot of followers or a million unique visitors to your site.  It’s easy to feel like the only way people will read your stuff is if you do a giveaway.  It’s easy to believe you need to basically snap a picture every time you breathe to show people your life and that’s how you prove you’re about what you say.  And I felt frustrated.  Because that works for some.  It works for A LOT of people.  But me?  It doesn’t work for me. And I had to tell myself I wasn’t suffering for it.

I kept asking myself, “Beyond the obvious, what is it that you do? And why do you do it?” Before I ever knew social media existed or ever owned a piece of Under Armour clothing or my own fitness equipment, I knew I had been called to serve to help people help themselves grow into a healthier life. And I did it knowing that I was serving a higher purpose than being “seen.” Being “seen” and having your best being “revealed” are two different things.  And, as I continue along on this journey, with everyone I talked to (mostly the conversations I had behind closed doors but being five feet from Jillian Michaels was pretty cool) I will remember that it’s about getting better not bigger.  It’s about satisfaction over “success.”  My success is putting my head down saying, “I know I did my best.”

Greater is coming.

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