Back To School, Back To Basics, Back To Life

I cannot remember the last time I had a glass of wine but when I was in Wal-Mart before 6 a.m. today and saw individual servings, I wanted to to park my basket, pull up a milk crate, sit down, pop one open and put an “off duty” sign around my neck.

I’m tired. Under Armour Blue HatI feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster ever since the day people found out I could walk on thIMAG0028at boot without crutches.  I went from getting up before 4 a.m. to train for a half marathon and then going to train my clients and teach classes to having a major surgery, losing a great deal of my clientele and sitting on the couch watching reruns of Perry Mason and Snapped back to “easing” my way back to work and now into this avalanche I call my life.  And I’m not even getting my workouts in on the regular.  That’s a problem.

Under Armour Blue Hat


After a summer of doing a terrible job of trying to work, picking my daughter up early from camp when she just wanted to hang out with mom, getting my teenager to where he wanted and needed to be (including the never ending drama of him getting his license which FINALLY ended on Monday but he’s still not getting the keys to my car :)), working through therapy and starting to teach my classes again, school has finally started and my children are back on a schedule.  I’m more exhausted than ever.  Apparently, I thought it was the “perfect” time to host a Piloxing workshop and prepare to go the IDEA conference, teach an 8;30 p.m. class,  host a six week challenge and try to put together a fundraiser, not to mention scrub the floors in my bathroom and finally disinfect the refrigerator IN BETWEEN classes. Chances are if you haven’t seen me at the store or the gym then you haven’t seen me.

I’m changing things.  If I don’t, I’ll lose me. It could be forever this time.  And I’m not willing to take that chance.

First things first: I’m going to get my hair braided today…..withOUT my IPad.  This is NOT a relaxing activity.  However, it is the only PinkPiloxing-36time I get to watch 8-10 hours of mindless television without feeling guilty.  I get to sit and not feel guilty about it.  In exchange, I get two and a half months of being able to jump out of the bed and not have to worry about fixing my fitness hair to go to church or somewhere other than the gym.  And I can work out hard ALL THE TIME without feeling guilty about sweating out all of the work Darlene just put in curling my hair the day before.  I also get to avoid phone calls and requests to be at places that stretch my schedule.  I need the down time.

I am working a loaded schedule for the next few days in anticipation of my trip to Anaheim for the IDEA World Fitness Convention.  Woo IMG_20130808_100651Hoo!  California is a long flight (for me) and I can’t answer emails/texts/be on Facebook/Instagram in flight (well, I can but I’m not purchasing it) so, reading and nap time! I will also spend a lot of time networking and working out so no time to run around doing mindless things. It’s also a time to be inspired, find out what’s new and fabulous in the world of workouts and equipment and figure out where I want to go with my workouts and goals.  And, as an added bonus, Viveca (you know, as in Viveca Jensen, the creator of Piloxing) is doing a demo of her new program Piloxing Knockout!) and I finally get to meet Kelly Olexa (no introduction needed if you have ever even SEEN the hashtag #FitFluential) and my Under Armour Wonder Woman Shauna Harrison.

When I come back, my family will have adjusted to being in their flow for the school year,  my headache will be gone from the braids and I will be ready to get in sync with a life of basics: basics workouts (no plyom1etrics off buildings), basic foods (I hear truffle oil is delicious but I don’t need it to make sure I’m eating clean) and basic self care (I don’t HAVE to answer every notification on Facebook before I go to bed.  They’ll still be there when I get up in the morning.  I need to eat, pray and sleep without interruption.) And this becomes the story of my life.

Less is more.

Has anything in your life become too complicated? Is there anything in your life you need to just take back to basics?



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