A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


It’s easy to to to see what’s wrong. Sometimes it’s SO easy that what’s right can catch you by surprise when it flashes before your eyes. Or even when are actually “experiencing” the moment.

I saw this picture of myself jumping rope (bottom left) when my UA Sister Kasey (who let me borrow pictures from boot camp. Thanks, Love!) posted it on her blog. And just like it is relative to the other pictures in the collage, it was a “small” moment. I remember the pain in my Achilles. I remember the frustration because I couldn’t get the rhythm at first. I remember feeling like I was going super slow. I remember being able to jump rope like a maniac when I was younger, or even a few years ago.

There is just one thing I forgot……

On April 18, 2014, just a little shy of four months before that jump roping picture was taken, I had surgery on my left Achilles and I couldn’t even put my big toe down on the ground without excruciating pain. I spent several weeks on crutches and several weeks in a boot. That was big. I spent a lot of time frustrated and longing to even go to the bathroom without assistance. You’d think I’d be happy to be able to even jump ONE repetition. Nope. Too programmed to see the wrong, the incomplete, the “trailing behind.” The truth is I even ran that day….just a little bit. And I was able to most of the workout.

I won’t lie. I saw so many imperfections in those pictures. My stomach looked huge (I’ve had three children, used to weigh over 200 lbs. more than once, just spent several months without exercise and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had a six pack), my arms looked big (I locked arms with my partner Libby and we rocked out those exercises and supported each other. And I have went from only holding a fork to working those HumanX resistance bands like a champ). I looked tired (of course I looked tired! I walked a mile, one way, in the heat to the boot camp after doing boot camp earlier in the day, still made it to Piloxing Knock Out and then let Shauna kick my butt AGAIN the next day in another boot camp.) As long as I searched for the down moment, it was there. What if I just saw what was REALLY there?

But again, pictures don’t lie….

I run my thoughts. I run on this Achilles. I run my life.
And how I see it is how I will live it.

What do I see?

Strength. Courage. Endurance. Patience. Freedom.

If someone took a snapshot of your life, what would they say?

What would YOU say?


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  1. Anntronett says:

    Good read!