Weight Loss Inspiration: Meet Melorie

I love sociaPhoto Apr 27, 11 04 03 AMl media. It’s connected me to SO MANY amazing people who have become like my sisters. (Fellas, I love you but you know how it is when us girls get together!) As a leader in this industry, we are always expected to GIVE the motivation and inspiration but let me tell you, I am SURROUNDED by amazing people who get up and get on their grind every day, working hard through the good days and bad days, pushing the limits, physically and mentally, and changing their lives from the inside out.

One of my girls that hits me up on the regular is Melorie.

I’m not really sure how we got connected but I’m going to bet it was through Under Armour Women and their #WhatsBeautiful campaign or through my girl Shauna Harrison’s Instagram challenges (which I am going to get better about doing when I am healed more because that’s a community that’s ’bout that life for real!). But I wanted to know her story. And I was really moved by it.

I asked Melorie what was her “breaking point.” If you’ve ever lost weight then you KNOW what I mean…that point when you’ve just had ENOUGH and you know something has to change. Here’s what she said:

Photo Jul 14, 8 09 18 PM

My breaking point was a series of events that started with going shopping for a dress and facing the fact I was five sizes bigger than I thought. It ended during a physical where my new doctor told me that at my height and weight I was off the charts for BMI. At barely 5 feet 2 inches I weighted over 250 lbs. She couldn’t understand why I wasn’t yet diabetic or on meds for high BP or high cholesterol. She ordered bloodwork, it came back within normal range. She talked and gave me info the dangers of being overweight. I realized I needed to do something to lose weight. I was a single mom of three . If something happened to me , the thought of where my girls could end up was scary.”

I know a lot us of who can relate to that.

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle is HARD work. It takes a lot. Sometimes (A LOT of times) you can find yourself trying to make it work. I asked her what keeps her inspired. Here’s what she said:

“Being a mom that is emotionally and physically healthy keeps me inspired. Teenagers watch everthing you do. Eating well is where I fall short. I have come a long way, however old habits die slow and hard. I used to eat when scared lonely frustrated mad sad or happy. Food was my friend, this was a cycle that started in high school. “

When I asked her what her greatest accomplishment was on her journey so far, she said:

“Personal growth,finding my own strength. Corny right, but here I am now thirty plus years old and wearing a tank toPhoto May 04, 11 16 41 AMp out of the house for the first time. Making friends…..that like being with me….who I am where I am. Not me trying to please people. Also my running, I have run four half marathons since March 24,2014. The physical strength I have developed is empowering on so many levels. I am living and loving life not just surviving. My current goal is to run my first marathon on November 23,2014. And if by chance I get my weight down to what’s on my drivers license I will take that as a bonus.”

I am so super proud of Melorie, someone who you may walk past every day with a story of triumph. She’s not famous, isn’t on any commercials and doesn’t have a sports drink contract but she is a true warrior and hero and I adore her and am so thankful for her journey, her honesty and her willingness to support others.

I asked Melorie if she had any advice to share with someone who may be where she was, in that clothing store or in that doctor’s office:

“If, in the beginning, you can’t do it for yourself, pick someone or something that will get you started until you think you are worthy , that you are worth fighting for.

Indeed. That’s exactly how I got started.
Thanks, Melorie.

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2 Responses to Weight Loss Inspiration: Meet Melorie

  1. Melorie says:

    Thank you for a lovely article. Thank you for sharing with us.Be well.

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Thank YOU for being awesome and being willing to share what you have learned along the way. So excited to see where you’ll go next!