Writer’s Write Blog Hop: Why I Write

Tashafinals-31“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”

~Audre Lorde~

started writing poetry when I was about five. It was the only way I could hear my own voice.  I was the shy, sensitive introverted sister and sometimes I felt like I was living on another planet because I felt things so deeply and I couldn’t express them to people on a level where they understood.  So I wrote.  And the words seemed to look and feel differently on paper.  I’ve always been able to put my heart in print.  As my life changed and became what I felt like too hard to even read in my own words, I stopped writing poetry and journaling for fear my words would be used against me. I suffered a huge loss in my desire to write poetry when my friend Brandi passed away last January.  But because it’s in me, to tell my story, I’m not sure I could ever completely stop writing period.

Writers Write asks: What am I working on?

I have gotten to be a pretty consistent blogger but I’d like to be more consistent.  I am revisiting my love for poetry.  My reignited love affair with journaling has touched me in a way that I am feeling the beginning of a “share” (I don’t know if it’s a book/autobiography/essay on health and wellbeing/or whatever) on my journey, not just through physical weight loss, but loss period.  And how I’ve come to be well. Still thinking on it.

Writers Write asks: How does my work/writing differ from others in its genre?

As far as my blogging is concerned, you rarely hear me talk about exercise in detail. What I mean is that you won’t see me listing how many reps to do for front raises to get your shoulders popping for summer.  I’m going to write about how to deal with the depression you’ve held onto in secret since winter that keeps you from getting to the gym in the first place.  Then we’ll talk fitness.  I will say janu sirsansana (a yoga pose) and Jesus in the same sentence.  Who I am at the core is NEVER separate.  It’s the same for my poetry.  It doesn’t have to rhyme.  It’s just the truth.  The way I see it.  From my core.

Writers Write asks: Why do I write what I do?

Because I wish there had been something like it  when I was “at that point” on my journey. I wish someone had told me the truth.  And now that I am at this point on the road (reiterating that I am still traveling), it is important for me to speak my truths so that I understand where I am going and leave a clear path. It is important for me to grab a woman by the shoulders and say, “Sister, you are O.K.! Let’s keep going! We can do this! You are beautiful! It’s not over! Forget what they said!” I want to continue to be the person that gets in the trenches with people and tell the story from the battlefield, not from the press box.

Writers Write asks: How does my writing process work?

I have no ritual.  I never have. I just write. When I have something to say, I write.  I probably need to get to the point of editing but I’m not there yet. I let it all roll.  Sometimes the thoughts are coming so fast that I cannot keep up with it. But it works for me.  I don’t stop until I’m empty.  And that’s how I know I’ve said everything in my heart.  That’s my posts get so long. 🙂

Thank you to Hakikah Shamsiden of Make Space for passing the torch to me in the Writers Write Blog Hop. I hope you will check her out and fall in love with her spirit the way I am.  Her blog/work is amazing. I am excited to introduce you to two of my favorite people ever: Eileen Fuentes and Amia Freeman! Look for their post on their blogs, Tuesday, June 24th!

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Wellness/Cancer Care Coach, TEDMED speaker, Real Food Grower.Eater.Cook, Mom of 3 gals, Had Breast Cancer But Not A Fighter, Dominican York

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Owner of Inneractive Fit Club 9faith, fitness, nutrition, focus)

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