Getting My Groove Back

I’ve been trying to find my “groove.”

Because people don’t want to hear me talk. They want to see me do.
Get my butt back on the teaching schedule, get everybody back into the game and be done with this recovery thing.

But I am recovering from so much more.

It wouTashaPiloxing-52ld be my pleasure to walk straight, go back to Bikram yoga (I have been pulled from it), go back to swim lessons (I have been pulled from it), dance my own choreography (dance recital is in less than two weeks. I had to give up my spot in my own dance), teach Zumba (salsa is my anti-depressant) and Piloxing (a little punching as hard as you can never hurt anybody) but it is not so. It’s just not so.

And so I find myself redefining myself, on my own terms. I love fitness and it’s what I do but….

…….believing my worth is justified by it’s an issue.

And I never realized it was MY issue.

I wanted to lscan0007ose weight to be here for my son. Somewhere in the mix, I almost overdosed on spirulina, six pack ab programs, detox reDSCN0731gimens and group fitness certifications. I wanted to be in the “in crowd.” But the more I got “in” the more I found out there were other crowds and no matter how hard I worked, I’d never be accepted…..because I didn’t accept myself. I had to become ok with being whomever I was going to be (and I’ve been helped out with quite a few names) and be about that life. But there was no balance. Go hard or go home. You know. Because when I go all in, I go all in. And now I’m out. And how I need to re-enter has to be different.

I would love to share with you my workout regimen.
Here it is:

1) More sleep
2) Less Facebook
3) More boundaries
4) Less ego
5) More rest (not the same as sleep)
6) Less other folks’ drama (#2 and #4. I am too nosed and I am no savior.)
7) More stretching
8) Less reaction (physical and mental)
9) More reading/quiet time/prayer
10) Less chasing people/things that should be let go


And I can now go back to the stationary bike (got pulled from that too), heel raises, started teaching yoga again and even find a few steps at dance class. I am getting myself ready for Tasha’s future (which does includes attending FitBloggin, SCW Mania, IDEA World Convention, the Black Girls Run Conference AND teaching two Piloxing workshops by summer’s end) not just teaching classes. It has to be bigger. And MY bigger is stronger in love and stronger in life.


What’s your bigger? What do you REALLY want? And are you willing to go against the grain to get there?

See you on a group fitness floor/road trip soon. 🙂

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4 Responses to Getting My Groove Back

  1. Monica Pope says:

    Ok that just literally gave me a head spin. Sounds like I need to detox on a few things from this list. I need to come clean with myself. I am on cheating on no one but myself. If I want to see my granddaughter grow up, I first better grow up. I don’t get tired of hearing you talk. How do I overcome eating and filling my mind with junk; FB ect… / by accepting and Loving who I am First. That’s hard. Thanks Tasha you are so encouraging !!!

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Thank YOU, Sister, for sharing. It IS hard. But we are worth it. Stay encouraged. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. Valeria says:

    You are an inspiration, Tasha! I will see you at BGR! Conference!