Surgery Scars, Squats and Shorts: Wardrobe Issues

I never thought twice about my clothes the day of my surgery, well, other than the cool Justin Timberlake concert shirt Jayne got me from London. But as I rose from my anesthesia haze and saw my husband with this puzzled look on his face, I knew we had a problem and it wasn’t because I looked crazy as I had gotten my hair done the day before. 🙂


How in the WORLD were we going to get those capris over that cast?

It has finally gotten warm and I don’t have to wear long pants anymore. But good grief. Capris are fitted around the calf and guess who has a deep incision around her calf? 🙁

For the first couple of days, it was no big deal. I didn’t leave the house. However, I found if I didn’t get up and put my workout clothes on I felt horrible. I hobbled into the bathroom every day, combed my hair, oil pulled, brushed my teeth and got dressed while trying not to hit my leg up against anything. Do you know how difficult it is to try and not fall off the toilet, keep your crutches up against the wall AND pray that you don’t die trying to get your pants on? I deserve an award. Just sayin’

I did what any respectable, delirious on pain medication but desperate to be cute while I watched reruns of “Snapped” all day fitness professional would do…..

I went to the Under Armour website. 🙂

Under Armour Shorts and Capris

I’ve found that my needs have changed over the last two weeks it here’s what I have come up with as my surgery recovery essentials:

  • Pants that have elastic around the bottom (like the Women’s Charged Cotton Undeniable Capri)  My scars are still extremely sensitive and those fitting capris often land RIGHT ON TOP of the scar. Ouch.
  • Shoes with a thicker sole. Now that I am wearing a boot, my hips are super unleveled (s that a word?)  and I need as much lift as I can get under my other foot. (Something like a Mantis or a Spine Evo.) Don’t tell my doctor but I still wear my Speed Form Apollos (well, one of them) if my husband is driving and I don’t have to do much walking. (Have you seen the new ones? That’s my gift to myself when all of my therapy is done and I am back on two feet)Under Armour Shoes
  • Shorts. And I’m not ready. They are just easier to get on and off. The problem is I DON’T wear shorts. And it’s because I’ve always had underlying issues with my thighs. And now I want to do 500 squats a day to get ready for them. (But the new Rally Shorts are really cute.  And that’s about as short as I am going to go for now.) But I only have one working leg. I have to sit on this one for a minute. However, I HAVE noticed a change in my right quad since it’s been supporting all of my weight. There a bright side to everything.
  • Long socks. I have always thought the short shorts and long socks look was a little too much for me but I have to have my leg covered when I have the boot on and I may be a little conscious about having these scars showing. Ok. So I like the bright colors. But the cushion feels good because as the incisions begin to heal they are just REALLY sensitive.
  • My Alter Ego shirts. (And can you say OUTLET?!?!? Because that’s where they are right now.) Everyone needs to feel like a Super Woman or Wonder Woman when they are separated from what they feel like defines them. Because you find out it doesn’t.

This is a process, one that I Alter Ego Under Armour Womenam having to think through in so many different ways. But I love the challenge (me wearing shorts is DEFINITELY a challenge) and I love the shift in perspective. I also love being an Under Armour Ambassador (I have not been compensated for this post and all opinions are honest and my own). 🙂


What would you add to the list? Or what item of clothing would make you feel better if you were wearing it while recovering?

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