Walking Crooked: Help For My Inflammation

I have a new walk but it’s not because I have a new attitude.

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It’s called the “Dear Surgery, please hurry up!” walk.

The pain is getting intense. Because I am not walking straight (and still teaching my classes against doctor’s orders), my muscles are tense and tight no matter how much I stretch, soak and slather myself up in oils. I wake up every morning stiff as a board.

It makes me wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have yoga or a few secret weapons in my arsenal because, let me tell you, 38 is feeling 138 these days.

I have been dealing with inflammation for a while, way back when I got tendinitis in my “good knee.” (if you are not familiar with the term “itis” it is definitely not something you want to have a relationship with if you can avoid it.) Years ago, I worked at an herbs and vitamin store and there are a few things that I remember being taught.

One of them was turmeric for the joints.

TurmericI love this stuff. I take the capsule form twice a day and how I know it works is that I can REALLY tell the difference if I’ve went without it a day or two. I have even started to put the powde20140410_210039-1r form in my smoothies and juices along with a couple of other inflammation fighting superstars: pineapple (a great source of vitamin C and bromelain) ginger and flax oil (great source of omega 3’s). And when they are in season (cheaper), cherries are another one of my favorite anti-inflammatory foods.

20140410_210201I am now working on taking some things OUT of my diet (God, help me) that could be creating inflammation: chocolate (I don’t eat it a lot but I might want some every now and then but I want the pain gone more) and coffee (why my lattes? Anything but my lattes. Boo!!!). As I recover, I plan to see if being away from these items and increasing my omega 3’s, vitamin C, turmeric and REST will help keep me off of so much pain medication. A friend of mine just shared with me yesterday that she takes ginseng for the same thing so I am looking into that as well. It would be great to have energy and less pain at the Same time. I might create some one legged line dance!


Are you challenged with inflammation? What do you use to combat it?

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4 Responses to Walking Crooked: Help For My Inflammation

  1. Tina Boatright says:

    When I first started running a couple of years ago I developed patella tendonitis. It’s not fun by no means. I started wearing a knee brace when I run or workout. The doctor told me it wouldn’t help, but it seems to help some. Still have problems every now and then, but not like before. I also started taking glucosamine and chondroitin and that seemed to have helped some. I can tell when I miss a does.

    • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, chondroitin may not be the best, since it comes from various animals. Instead, take MSM and Glucosamine. Both of these in your body naturally create chondroitin.

  2. Coffee is definitely not good for inflammation because caffeine dehydrates and increases inflammation…too much of it anyway. More water helps and also take a break from all sugars to see if that helps. Yin Yoga does wonders for the joints but if your muscles feel sore, take some magnesium citrate. It does wonders! Good luck with that!

  3. carleeh m says:

    I love all this info Tasha!! We started adding turmeric to our diet and I have been walking past that flax oil, even picked it up the other day but didnt know what it is good for. I have been told by a doc that he thinks I have an inflammation disorder or fiber myal(however you spell it). But I really think my symptoms point more to inflammation. I am always sore but if I take motrin the pain goes away, but no other meds help. We have started many new health routines.like drinking acv, cayenne, and lemon water, taking bee pollen for allergies, and lavendar on everything! Love learning how to heal ourselves naturally…the way God intended!