Surgery Prep: Getting Ready With My New Favorite Things!

I’m down to ten days.


If you’ve never had surgery or if you’re not a person who is very physical (especially when physical fitness is your full time job), you can’t imagine what kind of stress it is to KNOW waaaaay in advance you’re going to be cut on and then sidelined for six weeks.  I am finding myself getting ancy (I don’t even know if that’s a real word but you know what I mean) and I have started losing my appetite and not being able to sleep.  Add that to the pain and everything else going on and whew!! Where is the Calgon?!?!

Luckily, I have few things that are keeping me afloat and making this easy for me.

BlendtecFirst, my new Blendtec.  Now, let me mention that I have owned a Vita-Mix for years and I have loved EVERY minute of it.  But there is something about this Blendtec that is just wooing me big time.  Perhaps because there is NO guess work.  I push the appropriate button (soup, smoothie, sauce, etc.) and when it shuts off, it’s done.  AND, it has a separate little jar for smaller jobs and nut butters.  I am going to just go ahead and admit that when I am home alone with nothing to do, I cook and kitchen experiment. Be on the lookout for new recipes.  I made one today that was pretty rockstar with something my next new favorite thing…or collection.


DoTerra essential oils!  I cook with these (used lime in my tortilla soup), use them to sleep (diffuse Serenity most night and just bought a new bottle), use them to help me deal with the pain (can you say DoTerra OilsDeep Blue, Wintergreen, Cypress, AromaTouch, Frankincense) and just keep me calm as my anxiety level rises about the surgery (lavendar. My husband also has the flu this week so OnGuard and Breathe to the rescue!) I have been using the oils for months for so many different reasons and now just find them a necessary part of life.  I have stacked up on my go to oils in anticipation for next week (including to help me detox from the pain meds and anesthesia). Lime was actually a bonus oil for placing my order of so many points by the 15th.

Vibe PlateI am still working (I know but, well, I have no reason other than I love what I do and I’m hard headed) but the facility where I work just got Vibe Plates.  HALLELUJAH!!!!!  I have been in love with these things and there was no better time to get them than right before my surgery.  It helps with circulation and reduce stress and tension in the muscles, which I am having A LOT of in all of my muscles because I am walking funny because of the pain and, well, still teaching.  They help to increase range of motion period.  I know people use them for other reasons but these reasons are good enough for me.  I have to become mindful of my movement like, literally EVERY STEP which leads me to my last thing which if you’ve seen me in the past month or so you KNOW this is true…



Speed Form ApolloSpeed Form Apollos

I love these shoes so much! I was running in them while I was training for the half marathon but NOW I am wearing tSpeed Form Apolloshem to teach even my barefoot classes (it hurts to put my foot down.  By the way, if you are new here, welcome! I am having surgery on my achilles.) and they are so LIGHT that it makes me conscious of how I place my feet because I walk SOOOOOO hard. I mean really hard.  Too much cushion hurts my foot.  These are just right and SUPER cute!  People stop me every time I have a pair on (just about every day) and compliment me on them.  It could be that they have bright colors on them too. 🙂

All in all, other than the nagging pain, I’m in pretty good spirits.  I’m getting my snack lists together and everyone has been super supportive trying to make sure I will be comfortable and entertained.

What’s your new favorite thing this season?  And if you were stuck at home what’s the one thing you’d HAVE to have?

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2 Responses to Surgery Prep: Getting Ready With My New Favorite Things!

  1. Angelic says:

    It’s a word – antsy. :-). As for surgery – know I’m praying for you. I’m gearing up for my next surgery too – always something with this body so… I feel your pain. Just know once it is done you will be relieved from the constant pain. ❤️

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Thank you, Sister. I knew it didn’t look right but it sounded right in my head. Now I can go back and correct it like I went to Whitney Young. LOL. Always something but we got this! Love you!