New Seasons, New Reasons


Today is the first day of Spring!
Thank God!

I am so over the cold. For real. And that’s coming from someone who was raised in Chicago, who remembers going to school in multiple pairs of pants with a scarf covering my mouth and nose, walking backwards so the wind wouldn’t knock me over and praying the city bus wasn’t late so I wouldn’t get detention for not getting to class on time all the way on the other side of town.

But I digress. I’m just hoping the days of 60 degree weather are hereTasha-33 to stay. I’ll even take 50’s. Because the season hasn’t just been rough on my wardrobe (I love me some capris and tank tops) but it’s been rough on my body and my spirit. And I’m ready to see some new flowers blooming around here.

While it IS true that I will be having surgery some time this season, it is the end of a three year long battle. I am looking forward to teaching, dancing, running and leaping without pain! I am looking forward to getting back into my yoga and Pilates routine during my healing pTashaGRNMTN-131rocess, as well as my upper body strength training which I have neglected. I am looking forward to being able to juice feast and sleep later and be alert enough to hang with my kids.

Because, honestly, I felt so bad most of the winter I just wanted to SURVIVE. This season, my reason for EVERYTHING is to THRIVE. I don’t have a weight loss goal. I don’t have a certain number of clients I want to obtain or trainings I want to teach or take. This season is all about self care. It is my new direction and I am looking forward to it.

And I’ll take a smaller waistline, better sleep and a sharper mind if they just happen to come along as side effects. đŸ™‚




What are looking forward to the most this Spring? What could you do to to increase your self care this season?

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