Totally Over The Weight Loss Thing

2013-09-11 18.00.57My children would probably have a fit if I ever headed for the door and had my keys in my hand.  I can NEVER find my keys.  I throw them everywhere, on the dresser, the nightstand, the ironing board.  I leave them in the pantry when I’m looking for a snack.  On really long nights I have been known to leave them in the door.  But I play the losing and finding game with my keys every day.



So, trust me when I tBEAUTIFUL-333ell you I don’t want to lose weight.  Because I have no intentions on finding it.  Whatever needs to be gone from my body in THAT sense needs to just be gone.  I’m not going looking for it.  There are no frantic search parties digging through sock drawers, in the folds of the couch.  I don’t want it.

But we play this game of losing it and finding it.  And I’ve spent too much time obsessed with it.  About as much time as I do looking for my keys when I need to go, as if that number on the scale stops me from breathing.

Please hear me.  I am NOT saying that if you are at a dangerously unhealthy weight, you should just be done with it.  If you are there, you don’t need a scale to tell Photo Sep 20, 7 25 59 AMyou.  I’m talking about those of “us” (because I have my moments) who feel like we can’t breathe if “that” number doesn’t show up on the scale.  We go into panic mode; cleanses, detoxes, extra cardio, 1,200 calorie diets, no carbs, no carbs after 6 p.m., the master cleanse, juicing, colonics, shakes, challenges, boot camp and every supplement we can find….until we can’t keep it up anymore.  And in our despair, we FIND our weight again.

I’m giving mine up.  Complete surrender.  And all of the crazy thing20130812_110605s I’ve done that put me at war with it in the first place.  And it starts with taking the emphasis off the thing people will tell you they don’t care about but they, we really do….

….the number.

I am in scale rehab. I thought I wasn’t until I jumped up on the scale at my doctor’s office last week, fully dressed with coat and shoes on (because it used to be a time that I took off everything I legally could) and I had just gotten through running and saw a number that literally gave me chest pains.  I KNEW why the number was so high but we have become so programmed that I went into this zombie state and thought I was getting ready to collapse. (The end of that story is I had went home and was five pounds lighter…in the middle of the day but, well, anyway…….drama for no reason). And I hated the feeling MORE than I hated the number.  And, for the hundredth time, I let it go.2013-08-20 11.06.16

And I don’t care if it takes two thousand times, I won’t die wrapped up in “losing weight.”  I’m over it.  Over hearing about it.  Over talking about it.  Over just about everybody in my life being obsessed with it.  Because if we really want to deal with the issue, we have to stop setting ourselves up to go back and FIND it.

Do you feel like you are challenged with the lose and find weight issue? What’s one step you could take this week to step away from drastic measures of losing it and making a conscious decision to walk away from it for good?

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9 Responses to Totally Over The Weight Loss Thing

  1. I’m a firm believer that people make time and money for what they want. When it comes to weight loss, you have to make a decision about what you’re going to do to shift your attitude about food and physical activity. Sometimes, weight loss is out of your hands, especially when the ability to lose (or gain) weight has been disrupted by hormone and metabolic changes. Then it’s not just about what you eat and how much you move.

    I have a full length mirror that I stand in front of naked regularly. A while ago, I decided that I would love my body, no matter what. And I make my food and physical activity choices based on how I want to feel (energize, flexible, strong), and not how I think (or someone else) thinks I should look.

    I’m heavier than I’d like to be right now and I’m working on it, but I’m not making it an issue. I’ve never been the calorie counter and I don’t deny myself food.

    I’ve been thick and shapely since puberty and it’s never interfered with my sexy or my f*ckable. In the end, round is a shape, and I claim it.

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. Lisa says:

    This week I want to find the balance in working out, eating and living life. I have found myself very obssesed with the number and found it sending me into a downward tailspin! I want to understand the difference in being healthy and being consumed by a number on a scale.

  3. Leslye says:

    Did you write this and think of me?! LOL I know you didn’t really but dang it woman you speak to me. And you know from our brief chats that I have been obsessed with ‘THE number’. Like I said It felt like it was the title to a scary movie or something. I don’t want to find the weight like I try and find my keys that I lose or my sunglasses I can’t find or my coffee cup that I can’t find in the mornings while getting ready. I need to heed the words of my tattoo I got two years ago “M’aimer pour qui je suis”, which means “Love me for who I am” in French. While I got that mainly for others to love me for who I am . . . it has just been brought to my attention that I need to “Love me, myself, for who I am”. What an “Ah-ha moment” Wow! Thanks girl!

  4. Emily says:

    Ok so I totally agree with this blog post! Very true, inspiring, and a wonderful goal for living each day! Now, here’s my question! If I was at a “normal” “healthy” weight I COULD totally live this way and never get on the scale as long as I knew my food was good, healthy, nutritious, and clean and that I was physically pushing myself everyday the scale would be of no use to me!! However I’ve lived over 9 years morbidly obese. 51% body fat and tiping the scales as a 5’10” lady at 275-280lbs. I’m just fighting to see a REASONABLE number not the micro 1-2 lbs! By watching the scales I’ve been able to tweek diet etc and have lost 50+ lbs and 15% body fat. Your saying forget it all together and if so how do you suggest I measure my progress? If what I’m eating is working?
    I love your post that Laura shares!!! Very inspiring!!

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Hi, Emily! Thanks for checking in!
      I am suggesting that you monitor your progress in a way that doesn’t make you psychotic. 🙂 I’ve been 232 lbs.and there was a time during my weight loss journey that I NEVER got on the scale. I just kept going. I knew I FELT better. I knew my CLOTHES felt differently. For “me” (personal experience), the scale didn’t have anything to do with my progress. And I didn’t care how much weight I lost. I knew I needed to get rid of some and be healthy for my son. It is ALL ABOUT YOU! If it works for you, I can’t knock it but for a lot of us, we just need a fresh perspective.

      Congratulations! Awesome job!

  5. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I could just focus more on my feeling than what I think I see in the mirror. I hear you Tasha. The weight thing is in my last nerve lol