Five Fit Journey Takeaways From The Iron Bowl

If you’re a college football fan in Alabama, Saturday was brutal.


If the build up, the trash talking, the tailgating and the food prep didn’t kill you then the intensity and stress of the game surely almost did. It’s safe to say Alabama doesn’t play about its football.  My husband, who has to use the bathroom every forty-five minutes on a road trip, made only two strategic stops for food on our ten hour road trip back from Chicago.  We got home about five minutes before the game started. I really wanted to watch the game.  I really did.  But this is what I did instead….

Under Armour Speed Forms

I went to the gym. 🙂

But I did make it home for the last play.  As I just about spilled my protein shake all over the counter as I watched what will probably go down as one of the greatest (or most painful) moments in college football history, I decided right then to stay off social media because, well, I have some friends who take being a fan to a different level.  I managed to get on Instagram for a few (mistake) and got ticked off at the behavior I saw from adults (I get the passion, the emotion, but seriously?) and then, because I’m me, I thought, “how could I make this a teachable moment?”

And so, here we go.  Five lessons we can learn from the Iron Bowl that are relevant to your fitness journey:

  1. Everybody has a theory about how you should play your game. There is nothing like a “couch coach,” people who aren’t in the game, anywhere near the game, have possibly never even played the game but have all the advice in the world about what you’re next move should be.  You have to be confident when you go out on the field and trying to listen to all the chatter going on over there on the sidelines will get your ran over.  Play the best way you know how, be willing to shift and adjust as the game changes.  Because it will.  Sometimes quicker than you like.
  2. Your arrogance can keep you stuck.  In Alabama’s case, stuck at home watching the SEC championship on television.  Don’t give me wrong. I was yelling “Roll Tide Roll” with the best of them but, sometimes, when you are used to succeeding, you can psych yourself out with a Goliath attitude and not work as hard as you need to in order to keep your skills up.  We get ‘laxed on our food and exercise because we got a few compliments, can quote a few anatomy terms or hold a handstand 0r two and not keep working with the basic fundamentals.  You won’t always be #1.  Work hard. Stay humble.
  3. If you should lose, it’s not the end.  Death threats for the kicker, really?  That’s about as heartbreaking as me seeing an Instagram post for a young lady who wrote “FAILED” all across her half-marathon picture (which she completed in an hour and a half). I know that people can be REALLY competitive.  But, in the greater scheme of things, we cannot base our lives on ANY number: football scores, field goals made or numbers on the scale.  I get it.  Life would have been (temporarily) better for some if Alabama would have won.  And somebody would (temporarily) feel better if they lost three pounds this week.  But what’s your drive to feel better for LIFE?  You played for Nick Saban which is a legacy and you are working towards changing your life which is invaluable.   A loss is just a loss.  If you get up and keep walking/running/crawling towards life then you are winning.
  4. A change in your ranking will bring out your real fans.  Those who love you will root for you no matter what.  But if you lose too much weight, you will have some people who won’t be happy and if you gain some weight you have some people who won’t be too happy.  A rock in the boat (like Alabama dropping from #1 to #4) cleared out ALL of the folks who were just bandwagon people.  The die-hards are still cheering on and supporting their team this morning.  Those are the people you want on your team.  Let the others fade away.
  5. The team wearing Under Armour will always win.  I’m just saying. 🙂 You better get you some gear.  The Battle Hoodies are on sale for 25% off today.  And if you don’t want one, they are on my fitness Christmas list this year so you can hook me up.  Click over on the right to see what else is on the holiday list.  Nope, I’m not getting paid to plug them.  The stuff is just that good.

What would you add to the list?

Happy December!

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4 Responses to Five Fit Journey Takeaways From The Iron Bowl

  1. joyce pettis says:

    Your creativity abounds! Excellent, outstanding, original connections between THE BOWL and how we can think about fitness through the language and behavior of football and all that it entails.

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Thanks, Ms. Joyce! With all of the craziness going on, I figure SOME good should come out of it! 🙂

  2. Neysa Taylor says:

    #1 is the best lesson ever. You are so on point with that one!