Bad Sales Pitch, Great Soul Position: The Clients I’m Seeking


I read EVERY email, text, Facebook message request I get for help.
Twice. Sometimes more than that.

I have a true desire to help. And “fix.” But I had to break that last one. It was breaking me. And the people coming to me, no matter how broken they felt, were NOT broken. And I am not crazy glue. But the more I put out through my spirit that I was, the more I drew in people who, literally, wanted me to do EVERYTHING. I spent countless hours trying to convince people they were “worth it,” that they could do it, offering special deals and incentives. They sucked me dry (with my permission) and never worked with me.

And I decided not to follow up with them. I wasn’t mad. They just weren’t ready. And that’s ok.

If you know me then you know I loooooove me some Iyanla Vanzant. I love how, at the beginning of her show, she says how she had to do HER work and she is there to help you do YOUR work not do the work FOR you. People call HER when they are ready and when they are NOT ready she doesn’t push with force. She backs off with love, which can be harder. She helps create space for the work to HAPPEN. That’s what I do. And that’s good for my soul. I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel worn out. And I love what I do.

I don’t “sell” personal training. I don’t write specific meals plans. And it pisses people off. I create space for people to create their own meal plans and decide if working with me fits into their big picture. Can I help people? Yes!! Absolutely!! Can I drag them out of bed, talk to them by text all day, sneak up to their job and make sure they don’t overeat, personal train them, go to the grocery store with them, hide in their cabinets to make sure they don’t eat the cookies when their spouse makes them mad, make sure they relax before bed and then turn Facebook off and make sure they get 8 hours of sleep? No. I just got tired typing that. πŸ™‚ What I do is create partnerships.

It’s a bad sales pitch. If I came up with a cookie cutter plan and just distributed it all around (chicken breasts, brown rice and broccoli, anyone?) used the same workout plans for EVERYONE and never acknowledged the authority that each person has over their OWN life, I might be able to upgrade my Toyota but I wouldn’t enjoy it. I train people for life not Instagram. When you can establish habits that make you happy and healthy (and beach ready as a side effect is ok too) then you are more likely to keep them up.

And that’s good for my soul. And yours too. So, if you are with me on this, tune in tomorrow. I have something you might like. πŸ™‚


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