All I Want For Christmas: The 2013 Version

ZumbaFundraiser-3Well, it’s that season and if Santa asks, I’ve been good.

Well, mostly. 🙂

Well, o.k…..enough to just ask for a few thing.

Well, if he doesn’t tell my stuff, I won’t tell his. 🙂

But there are a few things I have my eye on this season that would be wonderful additions to my already blessed life. 🙂

1) Under Armour Renegades: I have been talking about these shoes for months now. Way back in September in my blog I swore these would be the next shoes I got…..Five pair of shoes later……I have increased my weight room time again and I have GOT to have these shoes!

2) A new juicer: Over a year ago, my beloved Breville juicer just permanently retired.  I bought a smaller, cheaper version to tie me over until I could afford a better and several months later……..(can you see a pattern here?) I love to juice (hate the clean-up) but the one I have now just doesn’t make enough.  Time for an upgrade.

20131105_0643483) BEATS! BEATS BEATS!: For two years now (there’s that theme again), I have wanted me a pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones.  I love music and I like to be all the way in it when I’m listening.  I traveled a lot this year and it would have been nice to have some big, bright blue headphones as a symbol to say, “No, I don’t want to talk.  I want to listen to Michael Jackson and play Bejeweled in peace.” But I want some.  I mean really, really want some.

4) A new ITouch:  This is more a need than a want.  I bought a new one last year.  And it barely touched the ground three weeks after I had it.  You know what happened, right?  And it’s been shattered ever since.  It’s starting to break off in more places and that could be a problem for someone who uses their ITouch for work and studying and praise and worship in the car. It’s a 64GB so that’s a car note.  Woosah…..

5) Amazon and ITunes cards: I love music and books so much that I couldn’t name what I wanted so these would make me extremely happy so I could download to my heart’s content and read and listen to music while getting myself in gear for January.  When you work in fitness, you know January can make or break you. I’ll be using my “downtime” to get my diet right, my mind right and my body right to come into 2014 with a bang so I can be of better assistance to others.  And I could do that better with the other half of JT’s 20/20 Experience. 🙂

6) Under Armour Perfect Bag: OK, so, for real, I want a Louis Vuitton.  But…..Since most of my time is at or around the gym, I need a bag that can look like a purse and that I can leave in my lockerPhoto Sep 14, 12 19 23 PM, throw in my car, on the floor, etc. and not tear it up like I have done my Coach bags.  This little bag is so cute and quaint. 🙂

7) A vegan cooking class: I do o.k. but I am really ready to expand my palate and learn some other techniques so I can tighten up on my diet.

What’s on your Christmas List this year?

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