21 Day Journey: Something New…For Me and You


It’s that time.
I know you are flooded with offers and invitations to join gyms and challenges.
I don’t knock New Year’s resolutions. I was one of those people.
But because I was one of those people and one of the ones who has held an online 21 day challenge, I want to invite you to think differently. Forever. If it works for you.

We’re all wired differently. I have friends who simply cannot function if they are not a part of some “challenge.” They search for posts and pictures and posts by fitness professionals issuing something they can do and check off their lists. It gives them satisfaction. But after the challenge, there is no permanent CHANGE. They seek the thrill, not the transformation.

That’s why I didn’t want to call this a “challenge.” I wanted this to be a process not a project.
I didn’t call it a “detox.” I didn’t want anyone to believe that there was something I could create that would undo 30 or 40 years of unfavorable eating habits in someone’s system. And if you’ve been clowning at the table since Thanksgiving, 21 days isn’t long enough either. Just my opinion. 🙂 I wanted to help people create a space to get behind their eating habits, what works what doesn’t, what could work, how movement can change how they feel and how the circle of our lifestyle PERIOD (sleep, self-care, support) can change the way we function. And that’s going to take more than doing crunches until you drop.

Throughout the previous “challenges” I hosted, I also realized that I didn’t present enough “entry levels” for people who wanted to change but were apprehensive and just merely afraid of what I was asking. Everyone can’t just turn on the “BEAST MODE” switch. We have to learn to meet people where they are. I have taken this into consideration while creating the outline for our (yes, I am the co-pilot but YOU Are driving. I am on it with you not doing it for you or creating a dictatorship. Things are subject to change according to where we need to go) journey.

I have created a private Facebook group for participants to join, if they like. I pushed participation before but, sometimes, people learn more by observing and talking. I will be posting everything to that group. If there are people who are not on Facebook and would like to participate, I will create an option for that. We will daily workouts, daily declarations, recipes and prizes and a healthy eating blueprint that you will actually piece together yourself with my help and help/suggestions from group. This isn’t about perfection. It’s about commitment.

And because I am committed, HIGHLY committed to this, I am doing something I have NEVER done before. I am allowing people to CHOOSE how much they want to invest. There is power behind realizing you have a choice. No one will know how much you have paid but me and it doesn’t matter to me. This is your commitment to yourself, not to me. The investment levels are between $5 and $50 which is less than what it would cost for an hour long personal training session with me.

Sign up starts immediately and will end on Friday, January 3, 2014.
We will start Sunday, January 5, 2014 and run though Saturday, January 25, 2014.

I hope you’ll join me!


Registration is now closed.

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2 Responses to 21 Day Journey: Something New…For Me and You

  1. Neysa Taylor says:

    I am a thrill seeker! I like WINNING the challenge but after it (or the event that I am trying to look great for is over) then I fall off. You really spoke to that for me! I never had is spelled out so completely. Wow!