What To Take To Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday will be here before you know it.  And the stress is piling up.

What should be a time of simple gathering and thanks can easily turn into a circus, physically and mentally.  Before you think I am about to say your phone so you can capture the highlights and upload them to Instagram (although I am having an awesome Under Armour selfie giveaway right now over there which you should probably check out but that’s a different story), I am about to drop a bomb that no one wants to hear when they have literally bought elastic pants to wear this week….

Responsibility.  Take responsibility…even if you are wearing elastic pants.

Here’s the thing: when we are stressed out and ten pounds heavier, we have EVERYONE else to blame but ourselves.  We KNOW our families are dramatic.  WE KNOW we like pecan pie.  And coconut cake. And margaritas.  We KNOW we won’t be at the gym this week because we are traveling.  And instead of preparing, we find reasons to justify our behavior.

Truth #1: Your mother probably isn’t that sensitive.  People who sayPhoto Sep 14, 12 21 30 PM they are overeat because their mother would be “hurt” if they didn’t make me wonder.  I come from a loooong line of women who like to cook and eat.  And if nobody died from shock when I came home and announced I was vegan then it’s probably safe for the rest of you. 🙂  My family doesn’t see it as disrespectful.  They are mostly curious.  Nobody stops eating because of my preferences.  The idea is to be among family.  Thanksgiving was NEVER meant to be about food.

Truth #2Warrior!: Limit your time and save your mind.  Sometimes holidays can bring out the worst in people.  My family is a high stimulus group of people. I am introverted and low stimulus.  Being around a lot of people for a long period of times drains me emotionally.  I am conscious of how I spend my time, how long I am away from home, how long I am engaged in family dinners/discussions without needing a minute, even if it’s in the bathroom.  If you know that you are this way too, find you some quiet spots or think about adjusting your trip so you can have some wind down time after visiting before you go back to school/work.  It’s not being hateful or “funny acting” as my family would call it 🙂 but it’s taking responsibility for sanity.  You don’t want the holidays to take you out and you can’t function in your day to day life. The holidays can be hard enough.

Truth #3: You can move.  And while it may not be your bi-weekly Piloxing class, the LAST thing you want to do is sit around, eat a 20130820-1O5A9620-21-(ZF-9259-37316-1-021)bunch of foods you don’t usually and not do anything.  “You” may be on vacation but everything going on in your body is not.  Yes, you CAN do something.  Plan a walk with your family.  Take your yoga mat if you are traveling.  Or find a gym in the area and get a day pass.  Go for a run.  But know that every decision you make or don’t make is your responsibility.

Take some along with that extra dinner roll.  🙂

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