Keep Your Fitness Mojo In Spite of Furlough

Here’s what I know from experience:Tashafinals-24

Staying at home, cursing at Congress through the television burns between zero and zero calories.

And I’m not trying to be fuIMG_0246nny.  Believe me when I tell you, the government shut down is REAL business to my business.  I work for the government (I teach classes on an army base) and I have clients who work for the government.  If they don’t get paid, I don’t get paid.  When the last furlough occurred, employees lost 10% of their income for a few weeks.  Well, I lost about 40%.  And it’s been a permanent change.  While some were out, they decided that their fate was uncertain and that focusing on work was just more important than bicep curls.  So, I feel your pain.  Really.

Except we were just hanging out.  Or at least I thought we weren’t.

When the last furlough hit, I heard ALL KIND of promises from people about how they were going to kick their t20131002_115439ime up in the gym and really watch what they ate.  The truth is things got worse.  The majority of my personal clients and students did really well. That is, of course, because I teach my classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (furlough days were Mondays and Fridays) and most of my clients adjusted their schedules accordingly.  But this week, my classes have been virtually empty, I am surrounded by people who are in a bad mood, Facebook has become a place that gives me migranes and, in the meantime, people are forgetting that while they are sitting at home, mad as hell and not getting paid, there is one little thing that is going to catch up quicker than feet that need a pedicure during this time of shut down….

All that time you thought we were “hanging out” was protecting” your heart and your mind.  To give THAT up too is like inviting illness into your life.

I get it.  I am not a cheap perDSCN0389sonal trainer by any means.  However, most of the people who work on the Arsenal take my classes for FREE.  That just says to me that we just don’t see it as a priority.  We spend our days complaining about working 70 hours a week and not having time to exercise.  Then we spend the time when we are not working ANY hours not exercising.  It could be a mood thing.  I get it.  But stress alone can kill you.  Stress, inactivity, overeating (bored with nothing to do) all together?  That’s a formula for disaster.

I know it’s hard.  And I could be broke and I could get a phone call any minute telling me to stay at home when I am supposed to be headed out to teach yoga.  But my commitment to my health and happiness won’t be.  Those things cannot can’t be shut down.  I got to keep moving.

I hope you will too.  See you soon.


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2 Responses to Keep Your Fitness Mojo In Spite of Furlough

  1. Tamra says:

    My husband is furloughed right now and I dragged him with me for a walk in the woods yesterday morning. He does work hard and I allowed him to lay around and not do much today but tomorrow he’s back to moving around and not relaxing. Good thing we only have good foods to eat at home so he can’t binge eat on bad foods.

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      I’m very sorry that you all are experiencing this but glad he is active and staying in the process of life! Sending you all good energy!