Fitness and Freedom: Stella’s Voice Zumbathon

Do you know Stella?  She was a handicapped orphaned girl who was sold, used and dead by the age of 19.  From AIDS.

When I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for Stella’s Voice for the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s chapter by Aaron, the quiet, helpful guy who helps me at the juice bar, I saw it as another opportunity to give back, as it is something I believe in, but I didn’t get too deep into the story of Stella.  And as I saw the passion of the young people working on this event, I knew it was something that required more than me just pressing play and asking people to come and donate money.  I had never done that before (I don’t do fundraisers where my heart is not 110% committed) and wasn’t going to start now.

If you have watched the video (which I hope you did.  If you didn’t, please do), you know that Stella’s voice is based in Moldova (Moldova is completely surrounded by Romania and the Ukraine, making the country landlocked.) and serves to be the voice of EVERY child from the babies to the oldest teen.  They are a Christian organization who own the nation’s first Christian orphanage and are looking to model that all across Moldova, Eastern Europe and around the world.  They also serve as advocate for these orphans and help educate people like you and me about human trafficking and how we can help end this thing.
Stella's Voice UAH

On this Saturday, October 26th at 11:30 a.m. at the University Fitness Center, I and other Zumba instructors will be leading a Zumbathon to raise money through the local chapter of Stella’s voice.  We are suggesting a donation of $10.00 but please follow your heart.  If you don’t have $10.00 to donate, donate what you can and come anyway.  If you can donate and cannot come, please contact at or Darsey at

We all love a good workout.  Let’s exercise our fitness in the name of freedom for these children.

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