Sooooo………what’s up with this name change thing?  And why the #hashtag?


I know this may be hard for you to believe but I’m really sort of old school.  I still prefer to write things down on paper, haven’t figured out how to use all of the apps on my phone, let alone download ones that would make my life easier and would be o.k. if my phone just rang and was able to send text messages and maybe checked Facebook and played Running With Friends (waiting on the Android).  Oh, and Instagram.  I love that thing.  (Are we connected there?) So the idea of me using hashtags and stuff is REALLY a big a deal.

But it’s business.  Sort of.  And part of this whole “rebranding” thing.  2012-07-22 13.50.17-1Because, again, F7 Wellness was a solid concept.  But everybody didn’t get it.  Here the words “hip” and “chick” and people are intrigued.  And I can sort of get the “healthy” in there because people are listening.  But I want you to know….this has absolutely NOTHING to do with being “cool” or “popular” or “in the know” as much as it has to do with being “in the NOW.”  My life has changed since I took on this new persona and I didn’t think it would so much.  I mean, I still teach my Zumba classes like a mad woman but I’m different.  I knew I was different the day I didn’t feel drained but felt like I could sing and dance and smile for another three hours.  (And it had nothing to do with a new protein shake this time.)  It was because I decided to #LiveHip    H.I.P…….Happily, Integrous (or with integrity) and on Purpose.

It changed my life.

I’ve been an unhappy person for most of my life.  I won’t say it was 2012-07-22 13.43.03on purpose.  I just didn’t know how to be happy.  My mother used to call me a pessimist long before Oprah.  Only because I was the smart magnet school kid who insisted on knowing everything did I find out it meant negative or having a negative outlook.  Which I did.  And, honestly, sometimes I still do.  I have “oh, Lord, we are going to die” tendencies.  It’s hard to fight what feels so “normal.”  For the sake of my life, I had to find a way to do it.  Eating whole boxes of doughnuts, drinking lots of Pepsi and and sleeping past 4:00 a.m. instead of going to the gym feel normal.  But I digress. I have to get up with the INTENTION to be happy, no matter what.  I may not like it or agree with it.  I CHOOSE to be happy.  And feeling empowered to make a choice, to be in control of how I spend my day has made all the difference.

Integrity.  If you have been around me for the past month, you are probably tired of hearing this word.  I know my children are. 🙂 Tasha Edwards YogaPrinciples.  Completeness.  Wholeness.  Moral  Honesty.  Reliability.  Uprightness.  I am not saying I am 100% on the money, all day, every day but I am trying my hardest, in my words, action and even my movement.  I have started talking to my students about moving their bodies with integrity; not just getting “in” a pose but “being” in one, understanding, enjoying and feeling the the process.  In Zumba, not just “doing” things because the music is playing but seeing how it feels in THEIR body.  Maybe they should go deeper, not bend as much, add an extra arm.  What feels good? How can they honor THEIR body? And I find that it puzzles them.  We just do things.  In life.  And how it works is how it works.  If it benefits us then we let the chips fall.  I have decided that I don’t want that.  In my body, mind or spirit.  Think Gestalt.  (Since I owe the government $500 trillion dollars in student loans for two degrees with psychology emphasis, I just thought it would be appropriate to use a psychology term.  But it totally works here. )

Tasha-65And because I want to do it all ON PURPOSE.  I want to move on purpose with purpose.  I want to eat healthy ON PURPOSE.  I want to do certain strength training exercises ON PURPOSE.  I want to sleep ON PURPOSE.  I want to construct my life so that my happiness is not an accident and me doing what I said I would do with honor and respect and truthfulness is not an accident.  This is not a control issue.  It’s a” living my life to the fullest” declaration.  I don’t accidentally show up to train my clients thinking I was supposed to be teaching Piloxing.  Or pick my kids up thinking I was supposed sleeping.  When I am doing yoga, I don’t want to bounce around thinking I am dancing bachata.  And when I say I want to live a happy, integrous, healthy life, I can’t do that with a daily diet of fast food, sugary drinks, pastries and no exercise.  Purpose.  I want purpose.

So when you see my see my hashtag #livehip, know that it’s beyond being the cool girl on the block.

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