Upping The Shoe Game: My New Favorite Shoes!

I have gotten used to people not looking at my face and saying “hello” when I walk in the gym.BEAUTIFUL-267

I have, however, gotten used to hearing the following as people stare at my feet instead……
“You got ANOTHER pair of shoes?”
“What kind of shoes are those?”
“Do those shoes work good for Zumba?”
“Do you have shoes to match EVERY outfit?”
“How much were those?”

It’s safe to say I ha20130820-1O5A9620-21-(ZF-9259-37316-1-021)ve come a long way since getting my first pair of name brand tennis shoes (gym shoes as we call them up north) in the seventh grade. Or the days when I started in fitness and only bought what I could “afford”…..the shoes in clearance at the mall or some random location.

After years of pounding, running, dancing, jumping, knee surgery, expensive orthotics, plantar fasciitis in both feet and tendinitis in my Achilles, let me tell you that being able to “afford” a good shoe no longer became a problem. It was actually a very cheap alternative to the rest of my stuff.

Early in my career, I used one pair of shoes for ALL of my activities, teaching Zumba, running, weight lifting, weekend errands, cross training, whatever. And the only time I ever thought about changing shoes was when they got dirty (I used to ONLY wear WHITE shoes. Can you ever buy those anymore?) or when there were some at a really good clearance price. I NEVER considered that the pain in my knees and feet had ANYTHING to do with me trying to wear my beloved Air Max until those soles (literally) fell off.

Times change.

When you know better, you do better.

2013-08-05 12.24.25

Let me first address the issue that’s usually in the forefront of everyone’s mind: PRICE. The “average” person can’t afford to buy three pairs of shoes. The most I have ever personally paid for a pair of athletic shoes is $150.00. So, lets say that’s $450.00. And let’s say I know a lot of “average” people. And let’s say those “average” people love Starbucks, Target and dining out. A pair of shoes for your HEALTH and BODY, even if you added a pair once every other month initially just means those “average” people would have to cook at home, stop drinking quad upside down lattes with soy and buying random laundry baskets for a few.

It’s priority and desire.

Now that we’ve talked about that, let me tell you my three new favorite shoes:

I could end this post right now.

Speedforms are the bomb dot com. Preferably the bright green ones I have on my feet right nPhoto Sep 09, 7 35 28 AMow that not only were the talk at the gym this morning but EVERYWHERE I’ve been today including Wal-Mart and the laundromat. (The color gives me an open door to talk about how awesome they are.) Two things I LOVE about these shoes: I DON’T have to wear socks because of the seamless heel cup (think the way a perfect bra feels….but on your HEEL! I need that for my tendinitis. Thanks, Under Armour) and the shoes SUPER light (if I can’t be barefoot I need light shoes). They weigh about, oh, 6 oz. Yeah, That’s less than a half pound. Perfect shoes for running sprints and stairs, two things immediate future.


Renegades. When I first saw these I literally laughed out loud. My clients/students keep threatening me with Velcro straPhoto Sep 09, 7 34 26 AMps because my shoes come untied all of the time. This Velcro is different. This top strap is for protection while you are doing all of your drills (circuit training, anyone?). This shoe is lightweight as well (6 1/2 oz.), has a sock liner inside of the shoe (score!) and has marbleized rubber outsole in high wear areas for extra durability and traction (translation: longer lasting). I got to check this out when I was at the Under Armour headquarters. They are the VERY NEXT shoe I plan to get.



Monza. Monza. Monza. OMG. When I told Nicole,20130821-1O5A0391-142-(ZF-9259-37316-1-327) the designer of this shoe that I needed something smooth and lightweight to teach Zumba in she told me, “These are going to be your new jams!” Wow. Was she right. I have A LOT of shoes. I am going to go ahead and say these are my favorite. Possibly ever. These shoes made a woman interrupt a conv2013-08-28 11.59.30ersation I was having with one of my Zumba students about shoes, ask me several questions AND take a picture of them so she could go online and find them. These shoes are super sleek (and I like sleek) and light. They weigh (are you ready?) 5.70 oz.!!!! They have a molded 4D foam footbed that conforms to your foot (think about one of those really cool contour pillows), has a smooth bottom and the shoe is extremely flexible.

And…..(drum roll, please!) none of these shoes are $150.00. Not even $125.00. See that little link to the right of this that says “Under Armour Ambassador?” Yeah. It will take you right to the Under Armour site. Click there and check them out. I have found that they run pretty true to size but I did get my Monzas 1/2 size bigger. I do that with shoes I run or teach in a lot.

If you have these shoes, HOLLA!! What do you love about them?
If you are looking to buy shoes or are a person who buys shoes often, what qualities do you look for in a shoe?


Disclaimer: I am an Under Armour ambassador and receive product as part of that program. However, ALL opinions are honest and are 100% my own.

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