The Promotion

It’s not what you think.  I didn’t win the lottery.  Or get a better position, per se.

imageWell, let me back up.  I AM in Atlanta, representing Piloxing when I used to just be a fan and then a staff assistant for the convention so, yes, promotion there (yay!). But that’s not what I mean.

I got promoted through loss.

I know that sounds crazy but let me explain.

I was at church on Saturday in a conversation that wasn’t even about me, or so I thought.  It was about a woman who had been moved from a position in which she felt a tremendous loss (she had been in that position for several years) and her friend suggested that she look at it as God promoting her to something else, which obviously helped her deal because she is thriving now.

When I lost two clients the next day, I did not feel promoted.  I felt like screaming my head off.  See, it’s a rough season over here (you don’t want the details, right?) and I don’t mean financially.  One I had been expecting and had been preparing for accordingly.  One cagut me completely off guard.  I did what any sane person would do.  I got mad, played “Running With Friends” and headed to the kitchen to eat. And my phone went off again.  It was a rejection notice from something I had applied for two weeks ago. Great. (Did I mention there was no chocolate in my house?) Stuff kept happening.  In the middle of teaching my classes  and training clients that day, I did something I rarely do now.  I cried.   The frustration of the summer had finally caught up with me.

It wasn’t until a day or so later, when I had had 8 hours of sleep (and an e-mail saying I had won a pair of SKORA running shoes) that my light went off.  I had not slept 8 hours during the week (or run) in forever.  I had been working myself to death, getting up early to accompany people so they could live their best life and mine sucked.  After resting, I felt less rushed, more focused (some things I needed clear up became crystal clear) and determined to get my own life back.  I begin to realize that other things (and people….not just clients because everything/everyone that’s good to you isn’t good for you but you knew that, right?) were being taken out of my space for PROMOTION because in a matter of days I went higher.

imageNow I am on something new, fitness wise, health wise, goal wise.  I was “doing” it but I want to BE it.  And I couldn’t whole-heartedly BE it when I was mentally exhausted by even the thought of it.

When it’s time to surrender it, let it go.  You can’t grab what’s coming if you hold on to what should be surrendered.

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