Renewed and Review: The Universe Knows

Tasha-111To say I had a rough week last week would be an understatement.  And if you know me, I “understate” very few things. 🙂 I had started to become unglued but I found my way.  (But you knew that because you read my blog, right?) Sometimes it’s not as simple as it seems.  And it wasn’t.  And it’s not because it’s still a process.  But I had little reminders and the week got better and better.  And I’ve surrounded myself with things from the Universe to remind me of that.  Because the Universe Knows.

And I know that it is totally a slap in the face to my magnet school education to start all of these sentences with “and” and “because.”  It flows.  Just let me have this one, o.k.?

20130729_115627Before The Universe Knows sent me a few of their fantastic products to review, I already owned a few of their mugs.  I am a believer in the power of words.  The mugs I purchased read “Be Like Water” (if you were familiar with my F7 principles then you know one of them was “flow” and “fluidity”) and the other one read “Practice Self Love.” I am a SERIOUS tea drinker tea drinker so I was touching these cups every morning and taking in the words before I went to work.  I even exchanged one of the mugs as my cup in the bathroom to rinse after I brushed my teeth so that I could look in the mirror at least twice a day and be reminded to practice self-love.  The mugs just “feel” right.  They are not too light and not too heavy.  They are simple and are the prettiest colors.  The Universe Knows sent me a red one that read “Follow Your Heart.” It was just what I needed last week to make some hard but necessarily changes/decisions.  These have become my go to mugs.  My family now knows to place these near my teapot and not in the cabinet with the rest of the mugs.  And they are good for everything else I drink too.  And have survived multiple adventures in the dishwasher.

There I go with the “and” again….

20130729_115800Two other things I LOVE and are necessary in my life are jackets/hoodies (somebody reading this is laughing their head off because they KNOW I am ALWAYS cold) and journals.  I have been writing poems since I was five and writing has always been my outlet during stressful times.  When I opened the box and saw these items, I almost cried.  And then I said, “Oc course! The Universe Knows!” The journal said, “Believe In Yourself,” something I had been struggling with and the hoodie IMG_20130723_160931(which is super light and comfortable, especially for someone who is going to wear it in the summertime) read, “Find Your Balance,” which was the reason my life was so off.  I had NO balance,  no boundaries.

I took the journal with me this past weekend to Atlanta and put it on my night stand at the hotel.  The journal is compact (about 5 X 7) and blue, my favorite color.  It came home 20130725_212646blank BUT the little inscription in the front of the journal was so important.  I won’t quote the entire thing but part of it reads “your greatest accomplishments start with you.  so, decide what your next accomplishment will be.  then, take a chance, work hard and believe in yourself. remember to be of yourself when you finish.”

I needed that to move forward with my life.

I am a person who is all about getting what she needs to keep myself lifted and in the right headspace.  I own every self-help book known to man, every meditation CD, subscribed to a million newsletters and magazines, changed my wardrobe to wear the right colors and so on and so forth.  But what I really needed sometimes was just those short, visual reminders to say, “Keep at it.” And that’s what I like about The Universe Knows products. It’s “just enough” for me to be reminded on what toTasha-47 do in those moments when I feel like I am going to lose it.

It helps me find me.  I feel renewed to face a new day and a new week.

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