Now GO!!!!!!!!!

You’ve been on the starting block for a while.  And you’ve been working on getting your head together.

You’ve tweeted every quote from Oprah’s Life Class.  You’ve cried with the best of them while watching Iyanla’s Fix My Life.  You’ve found yourself hugging your knees when Jillian hit one of your sensitive spots while watching The Biggest Loser.  It all makes sense.  You’ve signed up for ten races, liked five hundred health and wellness pages on Facebook, save the all of the pictures that inspire you from Instagram (are we connected on Instagram? Click here.) and rotate them out as screen savers on your phone, have read every Deepak Chopra book under the sun, attend both Sunday services at your church and can break down the calorie count of every single food in the world without looking at the label.

But you haven’t taken off yet.  You’re willing to think differently or have someone inspire a new thought in you but you aren’t willing to DO differently.  That’s why you’re stuck.

Me too.

My pastor (Hey, Pastor Huey!) did a sermon yesterday and the subtitle was “From Revelation to Revolution.” And I knew when I started feeling uncomfortable (for a multitude of reasons), it was about to get good up in there. The truth is I’ve been hanging out on that starting block for a while.  I’m looking real good with my matching shoes and tank tops.  And I have been thinking deeply lately about why I have not made the gains in my fitness like I want.  My food too.  And, honestly, I have the answers.  But you know what I am waiting for?  More answers?  Why?


Because I know that where I need to go is uncharted territory.  And THAT’S where the revolution starts.

Have you ever wondered why there are some people who seem to work out ALL THE TIME but they

NEVER lose weight?  They have looked the EXACT SAME WAY for YEARS????? It’s because they have the “thoughts” of wanting to exercise and live a healthy life but they aren’t willing to revolutionize what they are doing to get to another level.   They are o.k. with being on the starting block, thinking about their race strategy.  Me?  I’m ready to run!  And wherever that runs takes me, I am ready to go. 

Deep, philosophical thought is a beautiful thing.  So are downloads of workouts, Pinterest challenges (I have some great ones here), cute Nike pants, banging playlists and Super Soul Sunday.  But, until you are willing to put your thoughts into action, you are just another thinker.  And thinking doesn’t burn enough calories to get me where I need to go.

What’s one thing you can do this week to get off the starting block into action?

You’ve been ready. And you’ve been set.  Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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