Metamorphosis: Under Armour and What’s Beautiful

Beautiful is defined as “having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind, wonderful, very pleasing or satisfying.”

And that’s YOU.  Even when you feel like it isn’t.

We constantly hide behind the stories we’ve been told and the stories we tell ourselves.  The story I’ve always believed is that I am no athlete.  My sister, who is 5 ft. 10 inches, had all the skills I wanted.  She was the basketball player and the swimmer.  Me?  I was never “aggressive” or “competitive” enough to be an athlete.  The most I ever did was jump some double dutch.  I did play a mean game of kickball and run one heck of a fifty yard dash but my track career was short-lived.  I was a dancer.  All I wanted to do was dance.  When, as a teenager, I complained to my dad about not getting any of his athletic genes, he tried to assure me that dancers were athletes.  I promptly reminded him that dancers didn’t get letterman’s jackets.

Well, my dad was right. 🙂

I am an athlete.  And it’s a beautiful thing.

I bet you are too.

But sometimes we don’t know it.  Or we don’t believe it.  It’s old conditioning that keeps up wrapped in our cocoon. But it’s time for us to fly.

I am part of a sponsored campaign for the What’s Beautiful program created by Under Armour.  It is all

about redefining the female athlete.  What goals do YOU want to reach? What fitness and health milestones do you see in YOUR future?  And how fabulous would it be to be supported by others who understand what it’s like to have never considered themselves athletes but have athletic ability pouring from their bodies?

Let’s rock this!!!

I have created Team Metamorphosis, a place where we can gather and challenge each other to go to that next level.  I want you to join me.  (And by “join” I mean I am in this with you.) Team work makes the dream work! And check out the other teams!  There are many of my Fit Fluential buddies who have made teams specific to certain goals that may be extremely helpful to you.  It’s not about cliques.  It’s about changing!

I can’t wait to get more fit with you, you beautiful athlete!

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