Why Now For A Spring Slimdown?


I know.  As soon as I posted I was hosting this SS, my message box went out of control.  I knew I was going to have to answer some questions.  The truth is it seems very bold to just say “here is what I am doing, here is who I am looking for, here is who I am not looking for, check my track record, here is the cost, are you in?”  It wasn’t in conceit or carelessness.  It was strategic.

Most of the time (there is an exception to everything), people are asking what “it” entails because they are weighing their commitment.  “Do I really want to get up at such and such time?  Do I REALLY want to exercise?  Tell me what it is and I will see if I feel like doing it.”  No one ever goes to a gym that they pay for EVERY MONTH and don’t use and ask for detailed explanations about what’s going to happen when they walk in the door, even if they aren’t familiar with the equipment.  Because if you are REALLY ready to walk into it, you aren’t looking for a way to walk out of it before you even start. 

I get it. People want to know what they get for their money.  Fair question.  But I made the price EXTREMELY low (that is less than the cost of ONE one hour session with me) so that people could not use that as an excuse.  I am a professional with a proven track record.  But it’s still a fair question.  So here is the answer and the reason why it is now time for this to occur.

It’s the natural starting over point for most of us and we have no idea why we quit, what we are doing and where are headed.

I know summer is coming and I know it’s bikini season.  It’s high school reunion year for me.  But that’s not enough.  Everyone knew summer was coming when January 1st hit. Why did we quit?  Why do we ALWAYS quit?  Why are we CONSTANTLY starting over?  And over? And over? And over?  Why are we constantly looking for detox programs and quick fix challenges to keep us engaged temporarily until we realize we can’t live like that any more and then we crash, back down to the bottom, worse than before, hating ourselves because we failed AGAIN, hating ourselves because we have no “willpower”, hating ourselves because Lucy lost 25 pounds and we didn’t. 

Spring is a time for the rain to come in and water the seeds.  The seeds of what we need to know have already been planted.  It’s time to let them grow, in a healthy sort of way so that they bloom and come back, not die after one pretty showing. Yes, Spring is the perfect season for us to slim down, not just from physical weight but from all of the HATE we are carrying around because we just haven’t gotten it yet. 

In Spring, we dress lighter, wear brighter colors, pick flowers, enjoy light winds.  It’s time for us to bring out the best in ourselves.  Let our internal pastels show and not be afraid to brighten up our own lives.  YOU have the power to change the situation of your health and your life.  I am merely a guide.  This isn’t “just” about food and a few exercises.  This is a collaborative effort to support other people going through the same process, watering them and allowing yourself to get watered, pulling up the weed, planting new seeds, and letting the sun hit your face so that all of that which is inside is open to the light. That is when we can face our true freedom.

So, I don’t mean to be “vague.”  But giving details only scares you.  There are no pills, no shots, no knives.  This is REAL WORK.  I am not a babysitter.  I am a coach.  And I am ready to help you get on the field, not get injured and play the BEST GAME OF YOUR LIFE. 

But you have to be willing to go through the training.

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